Teltonika TMT250

Teltonika TMT250 is an AUTONOMOUS personal tracker with GNSS, GSM and Bluetooth connectivity. This mini tracker is designed for people, pets, car monitoring, employees control, sport events, etc.

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IP67 waterproof case ensures outside usage in harsh conditions, moreover large battery‘s capacity expand application range where long battery lifetime is needed.

In addition to that, TMT250 supports hands-free, firmware and configuration update via Bluetooth.

Package contents

The TMT250 device is supplied to the customer in a cardboard box containing all the equipment that is necessary for operation. The package contains:

  • TMT250 device;
  • 3.8 V 800 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery;
  • USB magnetic cable.

Location and tracking

TMT250 model is embedded with both GLONASS and GPS. As an addition it supports Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

The tracking mode is flexible configured: by moving every 100m, and every 300 sec, and on turning on 10 degrees by default. When there is no movement (detected by “Ignition” status), tracker sends data every 1 hour.

Mobile networks

TMT250 features Quad-band GSM modules and can work with 900/1800 MHz and 850/1900 MHz networks.


TMT250 model features following interfaces:

  • USB port;
  • Built in accelerometer/gyroscope;
  • Bluetooth V3.0 and V4.0.

Power supply

TMT250 comes equipped with 3.8 V 800 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. When fully charged it ensures about 18 hours of device operation (in normal conditions).

Sleep mode

There are four sleep modes: GPS sleep, Deep sleep, Online Deep sleep and Ultra Deep sleep mode.

  • When in GPS sleep mode is applied, TMT250 turns GPS module off and continues making new periodic records.
  • While in deep sleep mode, TMT250 sets the GNSS receiver to sleep mode and turns off GSM/GPRS module (hence it is not possible to wake up device via SMS).
  • In Online Deep sleep mode the device works as in Deep sleep mode, but without deregistering from GSM network.
  • Conditions to enter Ultra Deep sleep mode, where GPS and GSM modem are turned off and device functions are suspended for maximum battery saving, are the same as entering deep sleep mode. TMT250 exits ultra deep sleep mode only when movement is detected by accelerometer. Movement source is not taken into account in this case.

Local and remote management

Teltonika TMT250 tracker can be controlled over GPRS as well as using a wide list of SMS commands in a ASCII format.

You can also configure TMT250 from a PC using proprietary software (Teltonika Configurator) and standard USB-cable which is included into package.

LED Indication

TMT250 features an RGB LED indicator.

Indication is configurable in User Interface tab of configurator or via SMS/GPRS commands. Each 100 ms device checks if any indication is enabled in response to triggered scenarios.

Server connection

EU (
US (
Server port47776
Auto registrationYes

General information

Weight40 g (1.41 oz.)

Connectivity information

Roaming statusYes
Network signal levelYes
Network operator IDYes

Location information

GNSS signal levelYes
Forced GNSS location update over GPRSYes
Forced GNSS location update over SMSYes


Motion sensorYes


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