Major Navixy update: welcome a whole new GPS tracking experience

GPS tracking is the basis of a telematics service. And since it’s what every customer uses regardless of their vertical, location, or specific demands, we wanted to make this interaction with the GPS software even more valuable. This February our team is proud to introduce a fruitful result of continuous Navixy evolution — a brand-new GPS tracking experience.…

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Drone tracking, telematics for bitcoin and other inspiring cases

Around 600,000 objects are currently monitored on Navixy GPS tracking platform all over the globe — and they aren’t all vehicles and cargo. A Navixy partner from Russia, GdeMoi, has kindly decided to share their most unusual cases. Learn how to amplify your service, learn new business insights, or simply have a wee bit of…

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Fingerprint and other options for Driver Identification on Navixy

Driver Identification (driver ID) is a highly valuable feature for companies and enterprises where several drivers share the same vehicle. If businesses choose an option to identify drivers, the telematics platform and driver ID devices help managers to ensure that the vehicle will be used by authorized drivers only. It also helps to prevent car theft, track productivity more accurately, monitor working time regulations simultaneously promoting safety, and harvesting data for insightful analytics.…

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How to implement Teltonika BLE beacons on telematics platform

What makes wireless technology so attractive for GPS tracking? Bluetooth connectivity has low cost, high energy efficiency, and high accuracy. Wireless devices are easy to install, deploy, and integrate into the existing telematics ecosystem. In this article, we’ll see what type of beacons to choose depending on the application, and highlight the cases for wireless GPS tracking.…

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Season's greetings! Please observe our holiday schedule

Dear partners, with people around the world saying “challenging year”, we want to thank you even more for making 2020 as good as it could be. We are here to help you even during the holidays. Please note our tech support and office schedule:…

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