Teltonika Conference 2019: Bringing Silicon Valley to Latin America

Teltonika Conference in Latin America is an event you won’t want to miss. It attracts local and global telematics hardware manufacturers, software developers, SaaS-companies and LBS providers. And not just any – exclusively the telematics whizzes. The bar was raised high, which got us thinking – what new could we tell all these telematics professionals?…

Tachographs or efficiency? Show fleet owners they can have both

Since it was announced that from June 2019 the Smart tachograph 3.0 will be mandatory in EU for all new passenger carriers and trucks, it became absolutely clear – these devices are not going anywhere and are doing better than ever. It’s a good thing that more and more GPS trackers now support tachographs among…

India’s AIS-140: Is Your GPS Tracking Service Compliant?

The public transport system is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Each day millions of people depend on public transportation to get to their work, school, etc. In order to regulate traffic congestion and ensure passengers safety, the Indian government has directed every state’s public transport department to make sure that all passenger carrying…

Why Navixy is the go-to telematics platform for hardware integration

Hardware integration is the core of advanced vehicle telemetry. However, some GPS tracking and telematics platforms don’t make it very easy for their partners and users to connect any GPS device. Calling tech support (which is seldom toll-free), setting up the hardware through manual machine texts and wasting time – that’s not how we do…

Navixy + tyntec integration enables global communication for GPS tracking solutions

When our partners asked for Navixy’s integration with tyntec, a cloud communications provider with a global SMS gateway, we heard the message loud and clear! However, for Navixy integration with a new service provider is never just about offering a “yet another option.” We need to make sure that it will be a valuable tool…

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