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Chat and Mass Texting: New Tools to Streamline Mobile Workforce Operations

Establishing effective communication between mobile employees and the office can be a real challenge due to the very nature of their work. During the day, field staff, supervisors and dispatchers work at a distance from each other and almost never meet. Thus, in order to act as a team and keep up with the project,…

Help more businesses: survival plan in the time of coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 started as a local virus and soon it affected every country, every area of life, every person. Giving up is not an option. People need medical, municipal and delivery services now more than ever, need businesses to keep on running. The pandemic made us understand how much we rely on digital…

The age of GPS tracking is over: mobile resource management to the rescue

When Navixy was created 15 years ago, the state of business and technology was nothing like it is now. Smartphones, mobile messengers, 4G and 5G were some vague and far-fetched ideas. A simpler time? Not when it comes to modern productivity. Solutions for fleets, field service, and asset monitoring have been evolving during these years,…

Busting Myths: Implementing Telematics Software for Mobile Workforce Management

Today, businesses around the globe are actively shifting to a mobile workforce approach. According to researchers, more than two-thirds of people in the world work away from the office at least once every week, while smartphones and tablets have already become the main communication tool between field teams and the office. When it comes to…

Face new decade challenges early on: future-proof your fleet management toolkit

The new decade proposes new demands and calls for new fleet solutions. The earlier you implement them, the better: more loyal, satisfied customers, more new clients, more bottom line. The question is – what innovations to pursue? No provider has unlimited budget and time to try on all of them.…

Updated Maintenance Module: Effective Planning and Costs Control

Fleet maintenance is a priority for any transportation and logistics industry. As fleets grow, logistics, car sharing, and transportation companies, as well as other haulage businesses are facing the need to manage repairs and inspections. However, keeping track of maintenance by hand is costly when considering the man hours it takes to enter and retrieve…

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