Starcom solid solutions for safe cargo transportation

Cargo security, as one of the GPS tracking pillars, demands its own software technical solutions. Some of the most interesting cargo trackers are manufactured by global company Starcom Systems. Their asset tracking models Tetis and Watchlock have the unusual appearance.…

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ATrack and Navixy form partnership for integrated Fleet Management Systems

ATrack Technology Inc., a world-class designer and manufacturer of GPS telematics devices, is pleased to announce the new partnership with Navixy, a GPS tracking and M2M software provider, to deliver a range of reliable and robust hardware to the connected car industry while our customers’ overall fleet management solution. ATrack will work together closely with…

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New-look of the Navixy mobile UI

X-GPS Monitor from Navixy (for Android and iOS) is not the only option for GPS tracking of different objects. A simple mobile browser installed on a tablet or smartphone may be also useful. A few days ago we improved our UI’s mobile design and propel user experience to the next level.…

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ATrack GPS trackers and Navixy are 100% interfaced

A few last months are full of the new integration in Navixy. We are happy to announce that our platform supports very popular ATrack GPS devices. All the product range of the Taiwanese manufacturer works with the maximum performance of Navixy.…

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Meitrack T355: a king of asset GPS trackers

Meitrack T355 a kind of GPS devices born to be successful on a market. The reason is a combination of simplicity and functionality based on special demands from asset GPS trackers. A rule of thumb states that these factors are crucial to make a real best-seller.…

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GPS tracking localization: display national currency

As a GPS tracking service provider you are likely to work in particular target region, where people speak local language. But the language itself isn’t the only issue: all other elements of the user interface should not look awkward to native users. Particularly, we’re speaking about currency settings.…

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