21 New devices closely supported

New year came with the new devices. Every month we add brand new or highly demanded devices to the platform. This time we have collected 21 GPS newcomers for clients need. From personal wrist bracelet device to cargo and assets magnet tracker with autonomous battery life up to one year. Check the latest integrated devices.…

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Why do you need DDD files and how to get them?

Navixy allows you to get DDD files from tachographs and driver cards. Our system sends these files to your email so you can store them on your PC or Cloud. DDD files are normally used to control work and rest schedule and violations of the usage of the tachograph.…

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New function “Users and roles”

We have launched a new function “Users and roles”. Now, an account owner can provide access to several managers with their own set of functions: fleet monitoring, employees control, task management, POI and geofences, payments etc.…

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Starcom solid solutions for safe cargo transportation

Cargo security, as one of the GPS tracking pillars, demands its own software technical solutions. Some of the most interesting cargo trackers are manufactured by global company Starcom Systems. Their asset tracking models Tetis and Watchlock have the unusual appearance.…

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ATrack and Navixy form partnership for integrated Fleet Management Systems

ATrack Technology Inc., a world-class designer and manufacturer of GPS telematics devices, is pleased to announce the new partnership with Navixy, a GPS tracking and M2M software provider, to deliver a range of reliable and robust hardware to the connected car industry while our customers’ overall fleet management solution. ATrack will work together closely with…

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