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Navixy Platform Update, May 2020

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the NavixyRoundup, a new section that highlights recent platform improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.…

Promote your service right: why conventional marketing doesn’t work for telematics

With offices, stores and restaurants on lockdown, there are still new customers and new requests. How is it possible? What has replaced banners, billboards, boards of information and even networking? The answer is digital marketing. The tool is now more useful than ever, and we want to support partners with a few hands-on recommendations. For…

New “Places” Module: Setting up the Places Directory to fit specific business needs

It doesn’t matter how nice a pair of shoes are — if they don’t fit your feet, they’re not going to take you very far. 😉

Today we’ll look at how it can help companies from different industries to create and set up a database of the key locations in the service that perfectly addresses their specific needs and tasks.…

Custom fields to replicate CRM functionality and make any company feel at home

Every business is unique. And this is something to be cherished: even a subtle difference gives an edge in the competitive world. Service providers do their best to celebrate this uniqueness — yet there are always things that companies need to make peace with. Available personification tools won’t cater to every little aspect and custom…

X-GPS Tracker for Mobile Employees: More Business Benefits with Smart Geolocation Modes

The X-GPS Tracker mobile app is a powerful tool for a field employee that has become a backbone for many small and medium-sized thriving businesses. It allows to leverage the basic GPS tracking and Navixy system features without the need to buy additional tracking devices. The app makes it possible to view employees’ current location,…

Chat and Mass Texting: New Tools to Streamline Mobile Workforce Operations

Establishing effective communication between mobile employees and the office can be a real challenge due to the very nature of their work. During the day, field staff, supervisors and dispatchers work at a distance from each other and almost never meet. Thus, in order to act as a team and keep up with the project,…

Help more businesses: survival plan in the time of coronavirus

The outbreak of COVID-19 started as a local virus and soon it affected every country, every area of life, every person. Giving up is not an option. People need medical, municipal and delivery services now more than ever, need businesses to keep on running. The pandemic made us understand how much we rely on digital…

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