Scalable MQTT environment

Build industrial-strength solutions
for modern fleet management
and asset tracking

Scalable MQTT Environment

Integrate your GPS/telematics solutions with Navixy MQTT

Build IoT networks by integrating your GPS tracking system with Navixy MQTT
MQTT Broker

MQTT Broker

Easily connect modern GPS and
IoT devices with MQTT protocol

The Navixy MQTT Broker can integrate thousands of different GPS trackers and devices. It supports all three quality of service levels and numerous customization options through the publish/subscribe model. In addition, clients can take advantage of SaaS, On-Premise, and various Cloud networks.

MQTT Central

MQTT Central

Share GPS and sensor data
across multiple applications

GPS and IoT networks combine equipment and applications from many different vendors which need to be easily integrated to make projects scalable. Navixy MQTT Central allows integrators to organize data exchange using MQTT making designing these systems less complicated, with higher fault tolerance, and easier scalability.

Navixy MQTT use cases

Expand capabilities of modern vehicle telematics devices

Technoton offers MQTT protocol in its online telematics gateway that provides GPS tracking and remote asset monitoring. Thanks to Navixy diagnostics, customers can run reports and organize data to identify areas to improve.

Navixy MQTT Capabilities

Digital Communication Technologies allows developers to take advantage of MQTT and their telematics gateway, Syrus 4G IoT. Once integrated with Navixy, you can manage your fleet from one centralized place.

Navixy MQTT Capabilities

TOPFLYtech customers are able to receive data from third-party systems thanks to the MQTT publish/subscribe model. Recently, companies like Pepsi and Walmart have used these devices to monitor fuel theft and solve delivery delays. Read our blog post to learn more.

Navixy MQTT Capabilities

Xirgo Global/Sensata uses MQTT protocol in its most sophisticated devices. These focus on use cases in non-standard solutions where integrators can utilize the SDK to create their own scripts for managing ancillary devices.

Navixy MQTT Capabilities

Navixy displays dozens of CAN bus parameters that are delivered by Globalmatix devices in automotive applications. Thanks to MQTT Topics, developers can subscribe to just the set of parameters they want data from.

Navixy MQTT Capabilities

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Video Telematics NEW
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