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Things you should learn before starting a GPS tracking business

Software for GPS tracking system

A GPS tracking system is a set of hardware and software features designed especially for monitoring of transport, people, animals, and cargo. These systems are built upon the use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and Location-Based Systems (LBS) and can work in any region of the world.

How fast GPS tracking market is growing?

According to MarketsAndMarkets GPS tracking market worth $26.67 Billion by 2016, and Berg Insight forecasts around 15% steady annual growth at least till 2020. Not surprisingly that more entrepreneurs become involved in the GPS tracking business and look for better implementations of the GPS tracking technology. Fortunately there are already numerous GPS tracking systems in the marketplace that specially developed for such a startups.

First steps to launch your own GPS service

Whatever market niche you choose, you need to think about two basic things of the complex solution for your business – proper GPS tracking devices and customizable software.

1. GPS tracking hardware

The hardware part of the system is a GPS tracker that can be mounted to vehicles and other objects. They differ with the number of various technical features like antennas, built-in accelerometers, batteries, inputs and outputs for different external devices and sensors.

Some devices are good for vehicle tracking, other work for personal purposes. There are a number of popular manufacturers who have their own bestsellers and high-end models.

Popular GPS tracking devices


2. GPS tracking software

The software part of a GPS Tracking System is a special GPS platform that can provide control under an installed tracker monitoring its position and reading available data.

GPS Tracking System is a program that can be deployed in the Internet or local server. As a rule, its basic screen is an interactive map where you can see a current position of your objects or history of its tracks. Another type of interfaces is different analytical reports and data summary.

The most advanced GPS platforms provide more comprehensive analytics and the communication or task-setting options from the dispatcher and manager to the employee who has a tracker.

Features of GPS tracking software

GPS tracking opportunities


Tracking modes

Most devices may work in different tracking modes. It means that a GPS device locates its position after a covered distance, time or changing a direction. A configurable tracking mode may significantly help to build a more real track on a map and save a battery. An advanced GPS platform helps to set-up optimal adjustments using continuous or interval tracking mode for the best experience.

LBS positioning

Some GPS trackers may also work in LBS networks like mobile phones and tablets using Cell-ID to locate itself. The LBS tracking mode is good for positioning in urban areas where GNSS signals may be blocked. Working with both GPS and LBS positioning a tracker may show good performance and more accurate tracks.

Additional data

A GPS tracking system shows not only the positioning data, but also information about a device (and vehicle) status using different elements and sensors. The most common additional data are fuel level (and consumption) battery status, engine status, temperature and special data from a vehicle personal computer.

Why Navixy?

What makes Navixy have a distinct advantage over the competition? The answer is: better user interfaces, closer support of GPS trackers, industry-specific applications, and affordable pricing. Dozens of GPS tracking startups come to the market every month using Navixy software. 70 percents of them expand the business during 2-3 months.

Navixy’s GPS tracking system allows you to offer the range of location based services, where the core functionality is asset tracking. This white label platform enables providers to build professional GPS tracking services that meet everyone’s needs from private users to enterprises.

Panel for user management and service setup

Built for professionals

Navixy GPS tracking system comprises a set of functions for professional use. Their role is to provide users management, billing, supporting utilities, as well as service branding and customizing. The solution’s target market is service providers, entrepreneurs in GPS tracking field, traders and distributors of GPS trackers, installers of in-vehicle electronics, and software resellers.
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Scalable GPS tracking system

Scalable GPS tracking system

Since the beginning of its development Navixy GPS tracking system has been focused on scalability. It can run on a light server to serve a company with a dozen of vehicles, or deployed in the cloud to let you connect thousands of assets. Today the largest Navixy-based GPS tracking system handles over 120,000 assets with reliability of 99,98%, and that’s not the limit.
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Interface for GPS tracking

GPS tracking that your users will like

There are numerous GPS tracking systems in the marketplace, but what makes Navixy to have a distinct advantage over the competition is better user interfaces, closer support of GPS trackers, industry specific applications and affordable pricing.
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Extremely mobile service

Navixy is also a very mobile service. Special applications X-Tracker and X-Monitor work for most Android and iOS mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. The mobile interface is simple and friendly.
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Editions & Pricing

You may choose any of 3 ways of using the Navixy GPS tracking system:



The standard way to becoming a service provider. All your data is stored on our server, that’s why you don’t need any extra resources to do business.



The easiest way to start your business. All services will be run in a cloud. Simple to start, simple to conduct.



Good for big companies with system administration staff and special demands in the data storage.

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