Admin Panel

Single management interface
with powerful tools for the whole team

The admin panel makes it easier to carry out administrative, sales, accounting and support. With the admin console you can flexible customize your service, manage users and devices, set up billing plans and much more.

Type in login ‘demo’ and password ‘demo’

Brighten up your Brand

Admin panel provides simple and quick tools for extensively branding your web-interface and customize user notifications. Change the name and logo of your service, domain name, login page wallpaper, add custom texts and links to your website and support page, manage signatures to automatic email, SMS and voice notifications.Apply regional settings your customers get by default, such as language, time zone, currency, map type, map center and scale. Create a demo account with preferred assets you will use to impress your potential customers and which can be quickly accessed from the login page.

Customize your service

Use integrated Billing to create profitable services

Tariff plans. Go beyond subscriptions to build long-term relationships that generate more revenue over the customer lifecycle. Quickly set up, define and optimize your plans and rates for communication services, such as M2M messages, SMS and Voice notifications.Create market-specific service packages. Enable tariff options that your users really need and get more profit from professional business customers. Limit your users to change the tariff plan within certain plans only.

Profitable services - Tariff plans

Activation codes. Activation codes allow you to restrict your customers to activate devices they bought not from you, but elsewhere.User is requested to enter an activation code each time he adds a new device. Then you can provide such a code for free with devices you sell, and probably charge some amount for the devices user buys elsewhere (or just not giving him one). As a parameter you can define tariff plan set by default and amount to be charged on user’s balance.

Activation codes

Manage user accounts

As an administrator you can create user accounts for individuals and companies, suspend or delete them permanently, reset passwords.Securely access the Web-interface of any user you need with a mouse click – to see what user sees. It is highly useful when your team provide user with necessary technical support or assist him within his trial period.

There are two possibilities to charge user balance – automatically using Billing API, or manually in the Admin panel. Your staff, responsible for accounting, can charge user balance, make refunds, view detailed transactions and export them as a file.

Manage user accounts

Handle devices with ease

View the full list of devices connected to your platform, sort it by multiple parameters and make full text search to find the one you need very quickly.Manage devices in different ways depending on your needs:

  • Move device (or multiple devices you selected) from one user to another
  • Clone device of one user (owner) to another (observer) – to let observer see and do anything he needs except changing hardware settings and control outputs.
  • Change actual tariff plan of the device
  • Block device temporarily or delete permanently
Handle devices with ease

Real-time insight for Support team – with Air console

Your support team will be delighted with Air console. This tool allows to communicate with devices remotely, using GPRS/IP protocol and native commands, as if they were connected with USB cable. Air console makes much easier to run device diagnostics, update the firmware and perform highly specific configuration – without the need to demount device or to bother user with requests of assistance.

Real-time insight for Support team – with Air console
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