Release notes

August 2017

Full information on filling out forms, the opportunity to upload your logo in the interface for each user, the updated Courier on the map plugin, seven-digit indications for a GPS odometer,
access setting to reports for additional users, simplified import of locations and geofences from Excel, OBD2 & CAN widget improvement. Now there are 563 models in the list of supported devices.

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July 2017

Task forms have been added and group operation capabilities updated. LBS trips are now implemented in Waybill. Maintenance search has been improved. 545 models of different devices are currently supported on the platform

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June 2017

Waybill has been updated, more privileges for sub users (Access Rights), outputs triggering rule added, Engine Hours widget, new billing period added and Fuel Report settings expanded. 528 models are now supported

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May 2017

Now Tasks are available in X-GPS Monitor, roles settings became more flexible, tracks on the map may be shown in a different way, from this month our platform supports 14 languages ​​and 489 device models.

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April 2017

Navixy is now completely brought to cluster architecture. Productivity during system startup increased. Improved mapping, “Time Machine” and added help in Spanish.

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March 2017

Meet driver shift report, user balance recharge with In-App purchases (on Android now), set of new features in Admin Panel, as well as support of 15 new device models.

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February 2017

In February we added a new Welcome screen to the User Interface and also improved our Mobile Apps for your convenience. The Driver ID functionality we are working on has a new report now and we also integrated several models of the devices.

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January 2017

The first month of 2017 is over and we present you the results of our work – we added Brazilian Portuguese to the list of available languages, output control widget to the mobile version of our platform and integrated some new devices.

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December 2016

This month we added the possibility to receive DDD files from tachographs. We also keep working on Driver ID functionality and released manual driver selection.

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November 2016

Chat feature in X-GPS Monitor app now available on Android. We also improved printing options in the Web applications and added one small, but very convenient feature for your support teams.

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