Release notes

May 2022

Streamlined platform operation for 2000+ assets and brought new integrations: GPS trackers, event codes and parameters. A total of 1371 devices are supported.…

April 2022

Fresh and intuitive notifications interface, convenient API keys management and even more updates for Tracking, Fleets and Video telematics. A total of 1358 devices are supported.…

March 2022

Playback is released to complete our full-featured video module. Also, more interface updates and new integrations from reputed GPS manufacturers. A total of 1351 devices are supported on th...

February 2022

More features for video monitoring and GPS tracking — for desktop and mobile versions. New devices supported, including Teltonika BLE EYE sensor. A total of 1332 GPS trackers are integrated....

January 2022

Integrated no-code automation option with Zapier. Kept on improving the performance of the Tracking module and integrated new GPS trackers — a total of 1330 devices are supported.…

December 2021

The biggest highlight of December is our new video module. Also History now displays the events directly on tracks and a few other updates to the Tracking module. A total of 1322 devices are...

November 2021

Introduced two new languages making Navixy platform speak 33 world languages. Added more features to the new Tracking and continued with GPS hardware integration: a total of 1307 devices sup...

October 2021

Introduced a nautical measurement system and added more improvements to Tracking and reports. Amplified Developers hub with backend API key and new how-to articles. Continued with GPS tracke...

September 2021

Introduced new alerts and made Tracking even more informative. Improved usability and API and integrated new GPS trackers. A total of 1288 devices are supported.…

Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
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