Release notes

April 2024

April 2024: Geo links simplifies telematics asset sharing. Integrate seamlessly, share via messengers, and customize. Stay updated with multi-language notifications with Release Notes. Explo...

March 2024

In March, customisable Device Timeout Settings were introduced, along with an updated fuel volume report and enhanced task reporting options. The Developer Hub saw the addition of Device Clo...

February 2024

In February, a new fuel volume report was added, along with updated design and navigation for the Profile, Balance, and Tags sections. Additionally, updates were made to the API documentatio...

January 2024

In January, we updated the X-GPS Monitor app and integrated several new sensors for driver identification, fuel monitoring and temperature transportation.…

December 2023

Navixy introduces Users and Roles section with new functionality, along with a new mechanism for getting raw data from GPS devices.…

November 2023

Introduced the Fuel Sensor Quality Index (FSQI). 8 new GPS trackers from Jimi IoT, Navtelecom, and VJoycar have joined the Navixy platform. A total of 1538 devices supported.…

October 2023

October brought updated multi-conditional alert rules to the platform. Also, new API calls are in to make working with data import and geofences even more convenient.…

September 2023

OTA device management has become more intuitive and ready for customizations. Also, a total of 12 new devices by Queclink, Vega, Suntech have joined the platform. …

August 2023

15+ Suntech and Boson GPS trackers were integrated with the Navixy platform in August. Learn about the key features of the new devices.…

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Video Telematics NEW
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