Release notes

April 2023

Updated Navixy backend to provide closer support for BLE beacons, making it easier to build custom solutions through API calls. Also, continued to integrate new devices: a total of 1458 GPS...

March 2023

March brought brand new virtual sensors to the platform. Try the device-agnostic feature along with upgraded fuel monitoring and new regional demo accounts. 4 new Teltonika GPS trackers were...

February 2023

This February we made some great improvements to our Developer hub, creating detailed descriptions and more custom options when it comes to geofences and reports. Plus, we welcomed new Quecl...

January 2023

More possibilities for large fleets, including faster events sorting and mass deteleing of objects. Remote ignition configured for Queclink. …

December 2022

Have you already tried the new and advanced import mechanism with a background loading feature? It’s already on together with API calls for enhanced security, GPS devices re-registering and...

November 2022

Map measurement tools have returned with updated design. Working with clones is made easier on the platform, including API calls. Online payment is added for on-premise clients.…

October 2022

Some like it raw! Starting from October 2022 Navixy provides raw sensor data for more analytics flexibility. Also, trip report now calculates fuel costs, while the vehicle profile has a trai...

September 2022

Usability is the word for September updates. We kept on improving the platform ergonomics to make the menu, history toolbar and API calls easier to use. The Monitor app is updated for iOS 16...

August 2022

August was hot for our Product team: a new milestone achievement allows to track 25 000 objects in a single account. In addition to it, a super-fast documents generation and more new GPS tra...

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Video Telematics NEW
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