May 2020

Updated the X-GPS Tracker with Places section, expanded the list of recorded events in the “Accident Prevention (ADAS)” rule, improved the “Fuel Volume” report, and supported a new SMS gateway. The list of supported GPS trackers has been expanded, now it has 1077 devices.

April 2020

Welcome to April update! Added Custom Fields to the Directory of Places; updated the X-GPS Tracker with pre-configured tracking modes. Translated the UI into Serbian and Bulgarian.

March 2020

Added a Mass Texting option for chat messages, implemented the ability to receive data from BLE-tire pressure sensors, expanded the list of supported currencies. Integrated new GPS trackers. A total of 1073 devices supported on the platform.

February 2020

Rolled out a new release of the X-GPS Monitor mobile app for iOS. Expanded the list of supported devices, now the platform supports 1061 GPS trackers.

January 2020

Added a new “POI Visits” report, expanded the capabilities of the “Geofences Visits” report, added option to hide empty tabs in reports. Integrated new GPS trackers. From today, a total of 1054 models supported. Here’s a roundup of what we’ve released in this month.

December 2019

We´ve added a few important changes to the Maintenance module; now users can upload files. New release of the X-GPS Tracker App for iOS. The list of supported devices includes 1034 models of GPS trackers.

November 2019

Improved Field Service and Reports applications, enhanced protection against unauthorized data access. Integrated new GPS trackers on the platform, which now supports 1019 device models.

October 2019

Integrated with amoCRM. Implemented branding of the X-GPS Monitor App, updated the X-GPS Tracker and X-GPS Monitor Mobile Apps. Expanded the list of supported devices, now the platform supports 1003 GPS device models.

September 2019

Implemented route optimization, added the ability to assign multiple geofences to an alert rule, extended the list of imported data on employees and enhanced settings for email reports; added a separate group for BLE sensors and implemented sobriety testing for drivers. New devices integrated. A total of 985 models of GPS trackers supported.

August 2019

Improved the Eco Driving section. Enhanced working with photo captures; translated the web interface into Armenian. New GPS trackers integrated, 974 device models supported.

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