August 2019

Improved the Eco Driving section. Enhanced working with photo captures; translated the web interface into Armenian. New GPS trackers integrated, 974 device models supported.

July 2019

Added tags for objects, expanded the capabilities of the Activity Log, implemented counting of objects inside geofences, and improved the Fuel Volume report. New GPS trackers integrated, a total of 964 device models supported.

June 2019

Supported a new system of measurement, improved address recognition in Reports, and integrated new devices. A total of 950 GPS tracker models currently supported.

May 2019

Implemented chat with Garmin’s navigators for hands-free communication, integrated a new LocationIQ geocoder. New devices added; 927 models of GPS trackers supported in total.

April 2019

This month’s release includes an updated Maintenance interface, empowered with an auto-repeat function for service works. New devices integrated, 920 models of GPS-trackers supported in total.

March 2019

Added the ability to receive photo captures from field workers, updated the X-GPS Tracker mobile app, expanded the list of supported languages. Batch operations with objects and new tariff options are now available in the Admin panel. Integrated new GPS trackers, 900 models supported in total.

February 2019

Improved reporting in Tasks and Fleet sections, implemented alerts about new events, integrated a new SMS gateway. The list of supported GPS trackers has been expanded, 892 models now supported.

January 2019

Implemented real-time HD tracking, added Automatic Deletion of old service works, supported a new format of fiscal documents for Yandex users. Integrated new devices; 880 models are now available.

December 2018

Implemented new options when working with notifications, added a new widget and a retranslation protocol. We’ve integrated new GPS trackers, 878 models supported in total.

November 2018

Added the Driver Journal tool, enabled auto-deletion of data in the File storage, enhanced the “Courier on the map” plugin. Updated X-GPS Tracker and X-GPS Monitor mobile apps, extended language pack. New trackers have been integrated: 853 models supported in total.

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