April 2021

Integrated new devices and advanced hardware features. Added Forms to Check-in for iOS users and welcomed more regional requirements to the web version. A total of 1230 devices is supported.

March 2021

Added a Point report and updated route optimization to include up to 25 addresses at once. The admin panel now features subaccounts, while deleting admin users became more errorproof. Integrated new GPS devices and improved their usability on the platform. A total of 1216 devices is supported.

February 2021

Big release of new GPS Tracking allowing to monitor thousands of objects on a single map. Fresh design and amplified user experience. Developer hub is updated with a new call on meters and sensors data, upgraded route optimization, and articles for API pros and beginners. Expanded the list of supported GPS trackers, now the platform supports 1198 devices.

January 2021

Added guidelines on working with rules. Added article on how to work with notifications. Updated backend API documentation on Billing and Websockets. Fingerprint ID is now supported in TopFlyTech T8806+R and TLW1. A total of 1177 devices supported.

December 2020

New release of X-GPS Tracker mobile application for Android. Added the ability to attach photos and files to forms in tasks and check-ins with no Internet connection, added a new call for sending any GPRS command to a tracker, implemented a new parameter to hide attendance graphs in reports. A total of 1165 devices supported.

November 2020

New release of X-GPS Tracker mobile application for iOS, added places in the menu section, full support for iOS 14, new opportunities for API calls. A total of 1150 devices supported on the platform.

October 2020

Rolled out a new release of the X-GPS Monitor mobile application for Android with an extended language pack. Added an article including 30 report plugins. Updated all articles in the Fleet section. Improved integration for Teltonika devices and Recurso Confiable relay protocol.

September 2020

Revamped the Tracking section, added a new article on “how to work with Crowdin”, integrated a quick search in the response to an API call. Expanded the list of supported GPS trackers, now the platform supports 1136 devices.

August 2020

Added tips to quickly get started with the platform, updated X-GPS Tracker for Android. Added the ability to attach a mobile form when using the “Check-in on the map” function.

July 2020

Revamped the design of the documentation system, added a How-to section, implemented the ability to supplement the information in sections. New GPS trackers integrated.

Tracking 3.0 NEW
Tracking 3.0 NEW
Thousands of objects.
Intuitive UX.
Powerful design.
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