Start for free,- then only pay for what you use

Navixy democratizes telematics for safer and effective businesses, by offering you flexible usage and volume-based plans.

Starting at $250/mo
Get free trial
14 day trial, no credit card required
Essential features to help you get started with Navixy. Perfect for prototyping and small projects.
  • Fully-featured platform
  • Unlimited scalability
  • App customization
  • Data residency choice
  • Technical support
  • Cloud
Starting at $500/mo
A usage-based plan for small to medium projects. Unlimited resources with advanced configuration options. Provide your solutions to anyone. Only pay for what you use with no fixed contract.
  • Priority access to new IoT devices
  • Enhanced app customization
  • Marketplace app publishing
  • Onboarding and solution design
  • Cloud
Starting at $1,000/mo
Custom volume-based prices for medium to large projects, cloud or on-premise deployment, and resale. Contact our sales team to learn more.
  • Dealer management
  • API and On-premise advisory
  • Video conferencing support
  • Cloud
  • On-premise


Navixy charges on two factors


Pay only for the functionality you use. Start with industry-leading GPS tracking, then add modules like premium maps or video telematics as needed.



Get charged for active connections only (known as concurrent licenses). As your count increases, the cost per device consistently reduces.

Core apps

A comprehensive suite of web and mobile apps for mobile resource management, incorporating GPS tracking, fleet management, and field service. Achieve security, compliance, productivity, safety, and sustainability all in one place.

Telematics add-ons

Flexible maps, refined GIS, IoT gateway, and sturdy connectivity — all empowering you to calibrate your services for your needs and achieve effortless interoperability.

Integration connectors

Swift integration with your Apps and BI, enriching them with structured data and embedded visuals. Also, enhance services with diverse apps from our Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navixy charges for the previous month’s usage at the beginning of each month.

No, Navixy pricing remains consistent regardless of the deployment type. Whether you choose Cloud PaaS or On-Premise, the license fees remain the same.

No, there is no activation fee to launch a Navixy instance. The plans are usage-based and you have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes, to switch between tiers (Basic / Pro / Custom), please contact Sales.

When using Navixy cloud, you can connect practically any number of assets. However, Navixy may impose limits on GIS and API calls to prevent unintended usage.

Navixy accepts payments globally in all currencies. You can pay with bank cards, PayPal, ACH, wire transfers, and other payment methods.

For any inquiries regarding plans or pricing, please reach out to our Sales team.

Discover full potential of GPS asset tracking

Experience state-of-the-art GPS tracking.
Detect incompliances on the spot.

Provide smart and intuitive mobile resource management services.
Impress, win and keep customers with powerful and intuitive ecosystem.

Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
Review incidents
Determine liability
Coach drivers
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