Effective mobile workforce management

Automate field service operations to increase team productivity, reduce expenses
and refine customer experience.

Enhance visibility of field operations

Increase field service efficiency with improved transparency and real-time data.

Precise locations

Track GPS locations of mobile workers online or generate reports for any past trips. Detect deviations from the route. Prevent time-wasting and personal trips during the shift.

Working statuses

Visualize field team activities with custom statuses, e.g “on my way”, “at the warehouse”, etc. Spot available employees for urgent orders.

Check-in: proof of visits

Mark locations and capture pictures of customer visits. Monitor late arrivals and track performance. Browse through comments from employees.

Mobile forms

Review task forms as soon as they have been filled in. Control and improve service quality, employee performance and customer satisfaction.

Streamline workflow

Automate routine operations. Empower mobile workforce to complete more orders.
Cut operating costs and increase revenue.

Seamless task dispatching

Assign jobs intuitively based on employee location, skill set and current workload. Effortlessly import tasks from files and third-party applications.

Digital to-do list

Turn an employee’s smartphone into a personal organizer. Power it with clear directions, tasks, comments and documents.

Automatic route optimization

Build efficient routes across the assignments. Spend less time behind the wheel and more time with customers.

Decreased overhead expenses

Use various metrics to calculate actual working hours and accurate payroll. Slash fleet costs with optimized routes and fuel monitoring.

Smart communication

Harmonize communication between field team and back office to drive agility and growth.
Streamline data collection and improve field performance.

Eliminate paperwork

Navixy digital forms were designed with field force daily operations in mind. Instead of wasting time on filling out and correcting paper forms, go digital to add and receive data in several clicks.

Documents, attachments, signatures

Let deskless workers attach any files and pictures to prove a job well done, share feedback or report a problem. Obtain electronic PODs with e-signatures.

In-app chat

Replace phone calls and a myriad of messangers with a single chat. Ask clarifying questions, notify about any changes and quickly resolve disputes without paying extra:

  • All conversations kept securely in one app
  • Delivery and read receipts
  • Safe driving: chat messages read aloud

Drive customer excellence

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with excellent and fast customer service.

Online delivery tracking

Enable clients to check delivery status in real-time without calling the hotline. Visualize actual courier location and the ETA.

Transparent field operation

Share your field activity with customers by putting all team and fleet on a single map. Keep your business transparent for customers and show that you are nearby.

Faster order management

Take orders on site and submit it to the back office with no time wasted. Eliminate data reentering or distortion and decrease turnaround time.

Increased customer satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations with improved delivery time and a rush option. Measure customer satisfaction directly in the mobile forms.

Powerful analytics

Eye-pleasing graphics, charts and vivid tables allow you to comprehensively analyze business processes, improve forecasting, identify critical points and take steps in the right direction.

Reports on everything

Get any report generated in seconds. Analyze expenses, field performance, and customer visits. Visualize metrics with charts and graphs and get reports automatically sent to any recipients.

Key performance indicators

Assess employee performance to boost productivity and increase revenue. Benchmark quantitative and qualitative indicators: number of new contracts and completed jobs, customer ratings, etc. for any mobile worker or the whole department.

Payroll and taxes

Track time with trips and activity logging. Classify journeys into private and business. Scrutinize locations and time, get mileage by state generated automatically for accurate compensations and tax reimbursement.

Start growing and optimizing business today

Enjoy productive and coordinated mobile teams. Cut
administrative overhead. Enhance customer experience,
increase loyalty and revenues.

Provide smart and intuitive field service management.
Win and impress your customers with the most
user-friendly telematics platform.

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