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Navixy’s software platform helps entrepreneurs to easily start and rapidly grow their business in the GPS tracking field. It closely supports hundreds of GPS trackers from manufacturers over the world, not limiting your choice and letting you offer quality services in every market segment, from families to companies.

Brands of GPS trackers

Use GPS trackers that fit best for you

The entrepreneurship is mostly about delivering the right product to the right market. In the GPS tracking sphere that particularly means you need to understand the special needs of customers and offer them appropriate assortment of GPS trackers. The resulting selection of devices with unique characteristics (and often supplied by different manufacturers), must be well supported by the GPS tracking software.

Navixy’s industry leading software solution for GPS tracking service providers was expressly designed to meet those requirements. The list of devices already supported by the platform contains hundreds of GPS trackers, and if some model is not there yet, it can be shortly added by request by experienced team of developers. Today Navixy is the only GPS tracking software that provides fully automatic device activation and setup and remote control by user with simple graphic interface. The last and, probably, the most important is that every essential feature of particular GPS tracker is specially supported by the software. That makes you sure about the availability of all benefits of GPS trackers you chose to your customers.

Admin panel for GPS tracker management

Admin panel for GPS trackers management

The powerful Admin panel which comes as a part of the system lets the staff of service provider to manage users and their devices in various aspects. Managers can create service packages, set default plan for new devices, require devices added with an activation code or without it, restrict the list of GPS trackers available to customers and more. The next part of tools makes possible to administrate user account, i.e. move devices between accounts or clone them. Accountants can review, top up or correct user balance, access payments logs and statistics.

Air console for GPS tracker configuration

Diagnostic tools for support teams

Quality support is very essential for keeping your customers loyal and you revenue growing. However, it’s also important to keep your costs as low as possible. Navixy provides a set of features and tools that help to achieve both goals.

Platform’s fully automatic device activation allows to offer ‘Plug-n-Play’ products and avoid your staff to configure GPS tracker manually before its sale or installation. Also users can adjust the most of the device settings with easy-to-use interface themselves, not asking for any assistance.

In the event that a technician requires to configure a GPS tracker remotely with some very special settings, upgrade its firmware, reboot or go through the failure diagnostics routine, he can access Air console. This tool allows to communicate with the device remotely using GPRS/IP channel as it were connected directly to PC with a USB cable.


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