Video telematics

Build modern video solutions for SMBs and enterprises with dash cams and MDVR.

More than video

Video monitoring and video telematics solutions promote driver safety, fleet efficiency, and accountability.

Video evidence

Video evidence

Record and store video evidence
of accidents, in-cabin crime,
cargo theft and more locally or
in the cloud.

Driver coaching

Driver coaching

Fleet managers can use data from
ADAS and DMS alerts to identify
training opportunities for
driver coaching.

Multi-channel MDVR

Multi-channel MDVR

Connect multiple cameras,
sensors and tracking devices to
build solutions for complex and
multi-dimensional projects.

Integrated capabilities

Integrated capabilities

Enhance in-vehicle video with
driver identification, fuel
monitoring and anti-theft

Capture video for every
critical event on the road

Access past and current events across multiple channels.
Gather video data with comprehensive MDVR functions,
including loop recording, video search and playback,
alerts based on custom events, and more.

  • Evidence of adverse events like accidents or theft
  • Video playback for any point in time
  • Real-time video streams
Capture video for every critical event on the road
Identify unsafe drivers and coach fleets with ADAS and DMS

Identify unsafe driving
with ADAS and DMS

Advanced telematics allows managers to leverage
safety alerts to compile reports for driver coaching,
while video evidence provides additional support for
training or discipline.

Navixy gathers data from ADAS and DMS warnings to
calculate driver scores based on the number of events
in a given time period.

Multiple devices and applications for bigger opportunities

Take your mobile management to the next level with Navixy and our trusted, industry-leading dash cam and MDVR partner network. Regardless of industry or application, we have the solution to optimize your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we support streaming in real-time, as well as streaming and playback for recorded video. Videos are recorded automatically during events, as scheduled, or by manual request. You can easily locate and playback video for a given timestamp or vehicle location.

Video files are stored on the device (SD cards, internal hard drive), depending on the device memory it can have several days of video. Once you watch the historical video on the platform, the video is available for the next 30 days.

If you use our Jimi/Howen devices no additional infrastructure is needed. Navixy offers a Plug-n-Play activation and configuration. See our manual for details.

Dash cams are small in-vehicle devices, well-suited and utilized for smaller organizations such as van fleets or passenger ride sharing services even for personal use. They store data locally and record front and rearview. MDVRs are multi-camera systems that offer advanced technology for complex projects needing multichannel views (more than 4 cameras, sensors and tracking devices). Ideal for heavy equipment fleets, and industrial/larger scale transport and shipping companies. They store and encrypt data on local SD cards or cloud services.

For dash cam installation, check out our guidelines in the Academy. MDVR installation can require professional help, see your manufacturer installation guide.

Your MDVR video resolution is dependent upon your specific needs. Navixy’s video resolution is configurable for high video quality or streamlined data transmission. Files can be recorded in 720p or 1080p.

Video AI features complement GPS and accelerometer data in driver scoring. In addition to speeding, harsh braking, acceleration, and cornering, video enables you to analyze driving behavior and ADAS events. Therefore, factors such as distracted driving and forward-collision warnings affect a driver’s score and allow fleet managers to coach drivers more efficiently.

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Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
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Determine liability
Coach drivers
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