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GPS asset tracking

Give customers peace of mind with utmost security of cargo, vehicles and equipment. Provide telemetry data real time, control remotely.

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Fleet management

Help fleets take most of their vehicles: zero human error with MDVR and ADAS, smart maintenance and not a drop to steal with fuel sensors.

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Field service

Tear down the wall between office and field employees. Provide urgent task dispatch, full-featured communication and all-digital reporting.

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GPS asset tracking Fleet Management Field Service







Choose from a variety of telematics extensions. Distribute your developments.

Global presence

Navixy MRM platform operates in 130+ countries, speaks 27 languages and supports customers from 4 regional offices across 4 continents of the world.

About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
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Gelu I.
IT Manager. Telecommunications, 51-200 employees

“The most intuitive and user friendly GPS tracking solutions”

It is for sure the platform with the most modern interface - intuitive and easy to use - Easy to implement and add trackers - A lot of features, advanced telematics reports and alerts - Fast response time from support department.

About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
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Riaan T.
Telemetry Concepts - Mobile Digital Video Recorders - Fleet Management Software - Consulting. Information Technology and Services, 1-10 employees

“Consultants point of view”

I am doing vehicle tracking and fleet management for 20 years of which the last 4 years was as a consultant. Moving thousands of devices to new software platforms is never an easy task, but Navixy stability, support and functionality makes the most daunting tasks manageable.

About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
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Warren M.
Director. Information Technology and Services, 11-50 employees

“Amazing Platform”

The Navixy team are professional, courteous and always willing to listen. Great company and great people. This is the most comprehensive platform i have ever used. Its never been easier to integrate new devices.

About Navixy Mobile Workforce Management & GPS Tracking Platform
GPS Tracking Platform – Navixy

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Navixy Talks

Interview with DRVR: telematics in Asia, growth during COVID-19 and future trends

Our partner, David Henderson, CEO of DRVR, shares his expertise on telematics in Asia. How to stand out from the crowd? How to grow during the pandemic? What trends to focus on? Learn in the article or watch the full video.…


Fuel Sensor Tutorial

What Is Fuel Sensor Fuel sensor is a device designed to make accurate measurements of fuel level in vehicle tanks. According to these measurements a GPS tracking and telematics platform features the following data: fuel level in the tank of a vehicle fuel consumption per time period average fuel consumption. e.g. miles per gallon (mpg)…


How to set driver fatigue alerts in Navixy & camera installation with the Suntech ST330R

In this post we explore driver fatigue detection systems and guide users with step-by-step instructions to create alerts in Navixy’s user-friendly platform. Explore the direct benefits of fatigue cameras and learn how to install a specific fatigue camera, the ST3300R from our industry-leading partner Suntech.…

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telematics platform.

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