Technical Support Regulations

Technical support is available and provided only to authorized Navixy Partners.

For PaaS (Platform as a Service) version of Navixy platform, i.e. hosted in the Navixy Data Center, technical support is complimentary.

For On-premise and Cloud versions of Navixy platform, i.e. deployed on the on-site server or cloud infrastructure (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, etc.), technical support is available on monthly subscription and is provided on a consultative basis. Questions on the work of third-party software, operating systems, network and server hardware are not considered by technical support.

Consultation on the configuration and installation of any GPS hardware is not provided. For support on such issues, the partner needs to contact the device manufacturer.

Before submitting a request to Navixy technical support, it is necessary to study the related information in the documentation beforehand.

Partners who purchase Navixy On-premise solution are the administrators and owners of their servers and take full responsibility for stable operation and maintenance of the servers and undertake to comply with all technical requirements listed in requirements section.

Non-compliance with system requirements, especially in terms of server hardware and software, can lead to unpredictable consequences and cause risks of system malfunction and even data loss. In the most severe cases, technical support may not be possible.

Technical support is provided via email after receiving a support ticket to [email protected]

Technical support is provided in English and Spanish language.

Technical support team works for you rendering qualified services and consultations.

  • For PaaS version of Navixy platform the guaranteed first reply time is 8 business hours. The time-frame may vary on holidays and weekends, but we make every reasonable effort to respond to your initial request as soon as possible.
  • Requests for On-Premise and Cloud versions of Navixy platform are handled on weekdays from 05:00 to 13:00 UTC.

Reply time is counted beginning from the last received email from the authorized Navixy Partner and their technician specialists.

In order to guarantee a timely and profound technical support when sending a request to Navixy technical support team a Partner should specify the following information:

  • detailed description of the issue;
  • account and asset identificators;
  • particular elements/items related to the issue (object, report template, module, etc.);
  • description of the actions that caused the problem;
  • screenshots, images, graphics, log files, etc.;
  • any additional information requested by the tech support specialist.

Any server administration issues related to On-premise and Cloud versions of Navixy are handled only by the Partner's technician team.
Navixy technical support provides only consultative help and does not perform any server software maintenance.

Please note that one ticket should contain only one question. If there are several issues, a separate ticket should be created for each of them.

A ticket is considered as handled and preliminary closed after sending a response to the Partner.

While communicating with the technical support specialists the Partner must adhere to the norms of respect and courtesy. In case of rude behavior in the course of communication, Navixy may consider the refusal to provide technical support to the Partner.

The Partner bears all responsibility for the correctness of specified email address and any losses or any other adverse consequences caused by the illegal use or violation of the specified email address.

Requests from Partner's end users are not considered. These requests must be forwarded to the Partner as a service provider.

Important note: To ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of On-premise and Cloud version, you need to have a qualified IT technician in your team who is skilled in server, network, software and database administration. Please note that Navixy technical support applies only to the supplied software, and does not cover any issues beyond it.

ServicePaaSOn-premise and Cloud
Consultation on Navixy featuresProvidedProvided
Consultations on Navixy APIProvidedProvided
Consultations on device activation (platform related only)ProvidedProvided
Consultations on issues with device reporting to the platform (platform related only)ProvidedProvided
Bulk device registrationProvidedProvided
Custom logos in user accountsProvidedPerformed by Partner
SMS gateway implementation (gateway provided by the Partner)ProvidedPerformed by Partner
Custom map layers addition (layers provided by the Partner)ProvidedPerformed by Partner
Custom web apps integration (application provided by the Partner)ProvidedPerformed by Partner
GIS license keys implementation (keys provided by the Partner)ProvidedPerformed by Partner
SSL certificate setup and renewal (SSL provided by the Partner)ProvidedPerformed by Partner
Software configurationPerformed by NavixyPerformed by Partner
Software updates*Always the newest versionPerformed by Partner
Navixy platform productivity questionsProvidedLog-based analysis
Other server administration questionsNot neededNot provided

*New features and device integrations for On-premise and Cloud versions can be added to the platform only with a server update after a new Navixy platform build is released.

SeverityIncident descriptionResponse time for PaaSResponse time for On-Premise
Level 1The failure affects 100% of the features and 100% of the users and does not relate to a third-party software*.2 hours3 hours
Level 2The failure affects several features or users.4 hours6 hours
Level 3The failure affects a single feature or a user.6 hours8 hours

*If the initial check shows that a fault was caused by a third-party software - only consultative support can be provided.

Indicated response time is valid if a ticket was received by the Navixy technical support team during working hours Monday through Friday.
In all other cases response time may vary depending on weekends and public holidays.

The ticket resolving time may depend on the complexity and criticality of the problem and the necessity of involving the developers team.

For On-premise and Cloud versions of Navixy platform, all the bugs are fixed with a server update after a new platform build is released.

Navixy may unilaterally change and modify its Technical Support Regulations and any annexes.

Such changes and modifications are obligatory for all Partners as soon as posted on Navixy website.

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