Driver ID

Sometimes, when you set up automatic driver identification, you may encounter unforeseen difficulties - the iButton or RFID key may not have its identifier indicated on them (or it is specified incorrectly). What if you don’t know the key ID or doubt it is correct?

It's a great idea to collect all the problem keys together and test them at the same time on one device.

  1. Attach RFID or iButton key to the reader. Wait a couple of minutes - sometimes the tracker needs a bit of time to send data to the server. Especially if the car is parked and the ignition is off.
  2. Take a look at the Driver widget. If the key was read correctly, its identifier will be displayed in this window.
  3. Write down the key ID and repeat the procedure for any problem keys.
  4. Enter the key data to the driver card.
Driver ID

You can also use the Air console if it is more convenient for you to work from the admin panel instead of the user account.

Please note that the identifier specified on the key and displayed on the platform in the driver widget differs quite often. It is because some trackers transmit the ID in abbreviated form, or vice versa, add characters that are not indicated on the key.

Therefore, we recommend checking at least a few keys every time you start using a new model of GPS device.

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