Remote tracker management and other improvements: new version of X-GPS Monitor app for Android

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Alexander Nemchinov

In the last X-GPS Monitor update we added several functions and improved some already existing features. Besides, all our clients who use ServerMate, Cloud and OnPremise editions can now use this app with no functional limitations.

Managing GPS trackers from your mobile phone

We want to give you the possibility to provide the best service for your clients and we undestand that for a lot of users it’s convenient to use their mobile devices to operate the platform. Having that in mind we added several features to X-GPS Monitor that were previously available in Web Interface.

    • Tracker configuration. You can now change such parameters as tracking mode, driving behaviour penalty points, towing detection configuration, tracker group, parking state and several others. The list of available parameters depends on tracker’s model. This feature is available for smartphones with Android 4.4 and its more advanced versions;
    • Tariff plan. You can now change your tariff plan in case you have such rights. Service administrator determines the possibility of tariff change by users;
    • Payments history – you can get the data for the period of the last week, last month or 3 months.

Better events and tracks history visualization

Some features improvements include:

  • Tracks and events history – you can visualize tracks and events for any specific period of time that you are interested in;
  • Application rights management – users who are concerned about security can prohibit the access to geolocation data, contacts, photo and video. This feature is available for Android 6.0 and newer versions.

If you have any questions about X-GPS Monitor please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.


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