Starcom solid solutions for safe cargo transportation

Cargo security, as one of the GPS tracking pillars, demands its own software technical solutions. Some of the most interesting cargo trackers are manufactured by global company Starcom Systems. Their asset tracking models Tetis and Watchlock have the unusual appearance.…

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ATrack GPS trackers and Navixy are 100% interfaced

A few last months are full of the new integration in Navixy. We are happy to announce that our platform supports very popular ATrack GPS devices. All the product range of the Taiwanese manufacturer works with the maximum performance of Navixy.…

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Meitrack T355: a king of asset GPS trackers

Meitrack T355 a kind of GPS devices born to be successful on a market. The reason is a combination of simplicity and functionality based on special demands from asset GPS trackers. A rule of thumb states that these factors are crucial to make a real best-seller.…

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Xirgo GPS trackers: Simple but smart

Last week we finished integrating three newest GPS trackers made by Xirgo. These devices are quite popular in North America due to its build quality and rich functionality.…

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Tune Teltonika devices via GPRS

Big European GPS tracker manufacturer Teltonika has recently produced a protocol, which allows you to tune and control the devices via GPRS. Namely, you can send GPRS commands to the device and set, for example, tracking mode values or customize ECO driving (accelerometer sensitivity settings) feature remotely. So, what is the catch? There are two…

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BCE FM-500 Light+ as a solution for fleet management

When we speak about Lithuanians GPS devices we usually mean Teltonika, the number one European tracker’s manufacturer, or Ruptela. Notwithstanding, one other local company Baltic Car Equipment, or BCE, also has something special to offer. We took a look on their BCE FM-500+ GPS tracker to decide how competitive is it on the back of such a powerful…

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