Geo links: a simple way to share live location of assets

Navixy Geo links is a powerful and user-friendly software plugin that seamlessly integrates into websites and applications. It empowers businesses to share real-time location information of their vehicles, drivers, cargoes, and assets with stakeholders and customers. This solution enhances transparency and collaboration within departments and streamlines the sharing of location information with external users, such as specific customers or the wider public.

Purpose of Location Sharing via Geo links

Once integrated into a website or app, Navixy Geo links allows users to view the real-time location of select objects.


With Geo links location sharing organizations can optimize operations, enhance customer satisfaction, ensure cargo security, and create engaging experiences across various industries.

"Quick Share" feature for end users

In most cases, users can effortlessly share an object's location using the Quick Share feature within the tracking app. By selecting the desired object and using the drop-down menu, users can instantly create and copy a link that remains valid for a selected duration.


The Link Manager provides additional functionality and customization for end users seeking more advanced options and link editing.

Advanced options for developers, integrators, and enterprise customers

Developers and customers seeking more flexibility can utilize the Geo links. This tool lets users create links with customized options for sharing location data. These options include sharing the location of multiple objects, historical location and sensor data, and more flexible time ranges for link validity and history viewing. The Location Sharing Manager also provides an easy-to-use HTML code generator for embedding this function into websites.


Link structure

Navixy Geo links simplifies the process of sharing location information through its versatile link sharing options. The resulting secret links are short and suitable for both mobile devices and desktop computers, making it easier for developers to build responsive apps with minimal effort.

The link structure consists of a customisable platform domain and a unique 32-character symbol sequence, ensuring the link's uniqueness:

Users can share such links through any communication channel, from text messages and emails to messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, and more.

List of active links

With the Geo links, users can create up to 10k of active links to share with both internal and external users. The feature allows users to add, edit, and delete links.


Master users have the ability to manage the links of subusers. When a subuser is deleted, their links and other assets automatically transfer to the master user. Developers can also automate link creation, editing, and deletion using a set of API methods (see /shared_link).

Configuring link parameters

For each location sharing link, users have the flexibility to configure various settings, including the list of monitored assets, the option to share sensor information alongside location data, link validity duration, and the choice to enable historical data viewing in addition to real-time information.


Let us delve into more details regarding the link parameters:

1. Monitored assets (required at least one). Select the desired objects for monitoring, including Vehicles, Drivers, Assets, or GPS tracking devices. You can choose individual assets or groups of assets. For each asset you will be able to configure:

    • Label: Select the desired objects for monitoring, such as vehicles, drivers, assets, or GPS tracking devices. Users can choose individual assets or groups of assets. For each asset, users can modify the label that link recipients will see, providing customization options.
    • Sensors (optional): Share information from connected sensors in addition to location data. This can include cargo temperature, vehicle speed, ignition status, and more. This valuable information will be visible to individuals with whom the link is shared, providing insights into the asset's status.

2. Link validity duration (optional). Choose the duration of location sharing from preset options like 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. Alternatively, users can set an exact date and time range when the link will be valid. Time zones can be adjusted based on the user's preference.

Embedding Location Sharing into your apps

After creating the link, embedding the map widget into your apps is a straightforward process. This allows for seamless integration and a cohesive user experience.

Easy and robust asset location sharing for businesses

Geo links from Navixy brings valuable benefits to both business customers and system integrators/software developers. For businesses, it enables real-time asset location sharing, enhancing transparency and collaboration within the organization, and customer satisfaction. It improves delivery updates, coordination for long-distance shipments, security for valuable cargo, and monitoring of temperature-controlled shipping across industries.

For system integrators and software developers, Navixy Geo links provides seamless integration, saving time and effort in implementing location sharing functionality. It offers customization options, an easy-to-use HTML code generator, and flexibility for tailored solutions. Ultimately, this functionality empowers system integrators and software developers to meet client demands, streamline development processes, and deliver a seamless user experience.

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