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Edge computing in fleet management

In IT, Edge determines a computing model that enables data processing in a place or relatively close to the data source. It allows to send less time sensitive data to the cloud for long-term...

April 2022

Fresh and intuitive notifications interface, convenient API keys management and even more updates for Tracking, Fleets and Video telematics. A total of 1358 devices are supported.…

March 2022

Playback is released to complete our full-featured video module. Also, more interface updates and new integrations from reputed GPS manufacturers. A total of 1351 devices are supported on th...

February 2022

More features for video monitoring and GPS tracking — for desktop and mobile versions. New devices supported, including Teltonika BLE EYE sensor. A total of 1332 GPS trackers are integrated....

Video Telematics NEW
Video Telematics NEW
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Determine liability
Coach drivers
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