ATrack and Navixy form partnership for integrated Fleet Management Systems

ATrack Technology Inc., a world-class designer and manufacturer of GPS telematics devices, is pleased to announce the new partnership with Navixy, a GPS tracking and M2M software provider, to deliver a range of reliable and robust hardware to the connected car industry while our customers’ overall fleet management solution. ATrack will work together closely with…

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GPS tracking localization: display national currency

As a GPS tracking service provider you are likely to work in particular target region, where people speak local language. But the language itself isn’t the only issue: all other elements of the user interface should not look awkward to native users. Particularly, we’re speaking about currency settings.…

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Why deploy GPS tracking software in Cloud

The huge advantages of cloud computing, such as scalability and connectivity, have shifted the whole Internet-of-Things industry into the clouds. Asset tracking, as one of the IoT applications, is not the exception. Let’s see how the latest cloud products can help you to stay competitive and get prepared to the fast market growth.…

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White label GPS tracking: How To

“I want my brand to protect my business” – that’s the reason #1 startups search for white label solution instead of co-branding. They are right: with marketing your own brand you keep your customer base secured and can focus better on your core competences.…

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Teltonika’s Achilles heel

Teltonika vehicle GPS trackers are considered one of the most popular devices in the world. A wide range of inputs and digital interfaces, flexible settings for on-board logic and fair price – altogether are those benefits which integrators like so much.…

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Defining location with GSM base stations signals (LBS)

GPS is great for asset tracking because it gives precise location. However, when GPS signal can not be fixed (i.e. in the subway or underground parking), this method does not work anymore. However, you can still define the location roughly – with GSM signals.…

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