Software features

Admin Panel update

Timofei Temlyakov

Navixy admin panel is a convenient tool for GPS monitoring service management and user support. It is very handy both for a service owner and managers who work with the customers. According to our release we added active device report, ability to set up and manage trackers, customer individual discount. We also made the interaction with…

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Driver identification: shift change report, work and rest schedule, vehicle security

Timofei Temlyakov

Often there are such cases when several drivers use one corporate vehicle. This allows to exploit the vehicle more efficiently. However, it can also сause a number of problems to a company. It becomes more difficult to monitor the work process and employees responsibility. Driver identification helps to overcome these issues and risks. If you identify…

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New function “Users and roles”

Timofei Temlyakov

We have launched a new function “Users and roles”. Now, an account owner can provide access to several managers with their own set of functions: fleet monitoring, employees control, task management, POI and geofences, payments etc.…

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New-look of the Navixy mobile UI


X-GPS Monitor from Navixy (for Android and iOS) is not the only option for GPS tracking of different objects. A simple mobile browser installed on a tablet or smartphone may be also useful. A few days ago we improved our UI’s mobile design and propel user experience to the next level.…

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GPS tracking localization: display national currency


As a GPS tracking service provider you are likely to work in particular target region, where people speak local language. But the language itself isn’t the only issue: all other elements of the user interface should not look awkward to native users. Particularly, we’re speaking about currency settings.…

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Estimating time of arrival using GPS service


The Navixy platform provides the newest feature of the route and task planning for corporate transport and mobile staff.  The delegation of tasks to the closest employee has never been so easy. Now work may be planned according to the highest standard of time management.…

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Integrated devices. April-May, 2016


Two last months became very stirring for the newest Navixy device integrations. More than 10 new models of GPS devices can work on the platform by now along with 200+ other devices.…

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