Navixy architecture: how we maintain the uptime of 99,99%

Here at Navixy, we are often asked by our customers how the process of providing services is arranged from the server side. For example, what to expect in case one of the system’s components fails, is there any protection against downtime or data loss, how we cope with issues related to intermediate network nodes, and so on. In this post, we will take you under the hood of Navixy architecture. …

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X-GPS Tracker update: add Forms to Check-ins

Check-in is one of the most frequently used features on X-GPS Tracker mobile app. Sales reps, field engineers, and other mobile professionals apply it to easily and instantly prove their visits or job completion. We wanted to maintain the minimalistic approach while considering partners’ ideas and making the feature more efficient. The result is: now…

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Social Distancing Solution: Navixy + Teltonika

The world economy is awakening from the lockdown — slowly but steady. Small and medium-sized businesses, shops and restaurants are opening and travel restrictions are beginning to lift as more people go on a well-deserved vacation.

With this in mind, businesses across the globe are rushing to implement new safety regimes at workplaces to protect their employees and customers, so they can reboot activity.…

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Navixy How-to: 7 benefits of fuel monitoring

In our videos we have already shared a few tips on how companies cut fleet expenses. We’ll continue the trend with one more feature — Fuel Monitoring. Its main goal is to prevent fuel theft. What makes fuel such a desirable target? The prices are always high and the asset is easy to sell or…

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Improving costs and fleet longevity with maintenance hacks

Breakdowns can have a ripple effect on fleets. Instead of going to the client, a driver will have to get the vehicle serviced. If the repair takes a lot of time, it can cause delays, customer dissatisfaction and fines. One technical malfunction can affect a few departments. Preventive and planned maintenance helps to avoid this.…

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How-to video: dispatch jobs and optimize routes in seconds

While everything else is moving to mobile, mobile-based solutions for field service gain momentum. The perks for business are obvious: no investment in hardware. Installation and maintenance procedures are also canceled — download the mobile app, log in and the service is up and running. Field employees favor this approach. Everything they need workwise is…

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