Watch now: Top OBD trackers for 2023

Finding the right OBD GPS tracker for your business is crucial. To help make your decision easy, Navixy is here to tell you more about several devices that we feel are particularly praiseworthy. In this video, we break down our top three OBD trackers for 2023—the Queclink GV501LG, Suntech ST4500, and Teltonika FMM00A—and explain what sets them apart from the competition.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about these devices, feel free to contact us today.

Top 3 OBD GPS trackers for 2023

After careful review, we ultimately chose the following devices for our top picks:

Each of these trackers brings something different to the table. In addition, they provide numerous telematics features like geofencing, driver ID, and much more. They can also be easily installed in most vehicles thanks to their plug-and-play design. This makes OBD trackers suitable for a wide range of uses, from car rental and leasing to usage-based insurance. Not to mention, all three GPS manufacturers are industry leaders with a variety of models deployed worldwide, so you can be confident about choosing a device that’s right for your needs.

We also have a comprehensive document in the Navixy Academy on OBD fundamentals if you’re looking for additional information about these devices and how they function. This document covers their history, usage, pinouts, supported protocols, capabilities, certification, and more, so be sure to give it a read.

OBD GPS trackers are compact devices with complex capabilities. From fleet management and asset tracking to data forwarding and API integrations, using these devices with our flexible, white-label platform can help your business grow. Learn more about how Navixy can power your telematics needs by speaking with a representative today. You can also read our blog or visit our YouTube page for additional topics.

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