Telematics industry events in LATAM in 2023

Throughout our publications, we've explored the expansion of the telematics industry and the great potential for this technology in Latin America thanks to the use of IoT tools, GPS tracking, and even Artificial Intelligence. It makes sense that opportunities like these have encouraged countless companies to expand into the region and market their services. So, if you're new to this geographic region, one way to build connections is through networking! Many events and exhibitions are organized each year to bring the main players in the Latin American telematics industry together.

In this post, we will explore the most important events and exhibitions for vendors and consumers of telematics solutions to meet, strengthen business relationships, and take advantage of the enormous value that telematics can bring to their companies.

Telematics industry growth in LATAM

The LATAM region has real-world challenges that provide great opportunities to adopt telematics technology. Issues such as high fuel prices, fuel theft, and supply chain interruptions due to security obstacles open doors for telematics industry players to showcase how they can confront these challenges at exhibitions and events around the region.

For years, the economic environments in the United States and Europe have led to the telematics industry focusing and pioneering technology in these regions. Fortunately, due to lowered costs and increased recognition of marketplace needs, telematics is becoming a much more visible trend here in LATAM, too. In 2023, there will be an ever-increasing number of events that bring together suppliers of telematics solutions, GPS service providers, M2M hardware, and software integrators all under one roof.

To make them easier for you to find, we've organized these events chronologically and by country, so you can find out which ones make the most sense for you to attend.

Navixy had many visitors to our booth at Expo Seguridad 2022!
Navixy had many visitors to our booth at Expo Seguridad 2022!

Exhibitions on security and safety in LATAM

Security and safety are undoubtedly a priority for most industries and companies in Latin America. This is reflected in the large number of events focused on security solutions. The growing presence of GPS tracking solutions, telematics, and the platforms that manage these assets is evident by their focused inclusion in security events.

Visitors to these expositions, trade shows, and others events in Latin America can expect to be exposed to the latest technology in telematics and GPS tracking. This tech includes energy-efficient tracking solutions, wireless Bluetooth sensors, CAN bus data reading, and Big Data analytics, all of which help to create dependable anti-theft systems, vehicle recovery mechanisms, and fuel fraud prevention initiatives that aid in security.

Navixy at Expo Seguridad 2022
Navixy at Expo Seguridad 2022

From Mexico to Argentina, we have curated a selection of the most important and representative events:

Telematics industry events in LATAM in 2023Apr 18-20MexicoExpo Seguridad Mexico
Expo Seguridad is the most important event of the sector in Latin America. Manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and users gather here to present and purchase products and solutions ranging from alarms, surveillance systems, access control, cybersecurity, telecommunications systems, automation software, artificial intelligence and more. Its conferences and workshops also offer highly valuable education about the sector. Expo Seguridad Industrial is held alternately, covering all the needs of safety and health in that industry.
Navixy has already participated several times in this event and we can’t wait to see you there again in 2023!
Telematics industry events in LATAM in 2023May 11-12EcuadorSeguriExpo Ecuador
The most important meeting in Ecuador for the security industry. This event brings together manufacturers, government organizations, integrators, and industry professionals to discuss innovation and new technologies in Ecuador. In addition, SeguriExpo provides a meeting place to establish new partnerships and, through its conferences, becomes the best forum for the presentation of new technologies and updating of market professionals.
Navixy is excited to be at the event and can't wait to meet you!
May 26-28PeruSeguritec
Seguritec is the largest biennial event in the security sector in Peru. This forum opens the door for distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers to present security solutions and technologies, as well as products and services for fire control, building security, and personal protection. In addition, a series of conferences are held to discuss current trends and challenges in the industry in the country.
Jun 13-15BrazilExpoSec
ExpoSec is organized by Abese (Brazilian Association of Electronic Security Systems Companies) and is the only event in Brazil that brings together the latest technologies, products, and services for the security sector. In addition to attracting national and international buyers from the entire supply chain, this exhibition creates the ideal environment for networking and business generation.
Telematics industry events in LATAM in 2023Aug 16-18ColombiaSecurity Fair Colombia ESS+ 2023 
ESS+ brings together leading companies specialized in cutting-edge solutions for the growing security industry in the region. Exhibitors present solutions in critical infrastructure protection, citizen security, private security, supply chain security, and transportation security. The ESS+ International Security Fair aims to generate new business opportunities and open new markets and leadership in the sector as a fundamental axis for the development and welfare of nations.
Navixy participation is confirmed, looking forward to meeting with you there!
Oct 5-7ChileSeguridad Expo
Seguridad Expo is the most important forum for the security industry in Chile. It brings together both supply and demand of this sector in one place. In this exhibition, attendees and exhibitors will be able to reaffirm the role of security in Chile and show and learn about the development of the goods, products, services, and innovative technology oriented to the industry. It is also a great opportunity to exchange experiences, information, and developments in security solutions.

Trade shows for logistics and transportation in LATAM

In many countries, there are government regulations that mandate data sharing in both hazardous transportation and passenger vehicles. This includes requirements in areas such as asset tracking to avert cargo theft, route optimization, and enhancing delivery efficiency. Logistics and transportation companies are leveraging telematics in highly profitable ways, and not surprisingly, are leading the way when it comes to embracing cutting-edge technology to accomplish these requirements. Taking things one step further, AI is also being used with GPS and telematics data analysis to guarantee driver safety while optimizing supply chains like never before.

Below is a list of events where you can learn more about applying modern telematics solutions specifically for Logistics and Transportation:

Apr 26-27MexicoLogistic World Summit & Expo
Logistics World organizes the Logistic World Summit & Expo in Mexico City. This event brings together the logistics, foreign trade, and freight industries to showcase the sector's advances and latest technologies. It also serves as a meeting point for a wide range of suppliers to close business deals and to provide training and networking.
Organized by Reed Exhibitions, LogEx is an international event in a hybrid format focused on freight transportation and logistics. It aims to bring together logistics providers and decision-makers in order to accelerate business objectives in the industry. This innovative forum based in Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Mexico, will feature 3 days of business meetings, conferences, webinars, networking, and integration activities.
Oct 15-17MexicoExpo Transporte
ExpoTransporte ANPACT (Asociación Nacional de Productores de Autobuses, Camiones y Tractocamiones) is the meeting point for carriers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs from the Americas, Europe, and Asia to do business and discover solutions for their heavy vehicle fleets.
Connect with Navixy in LATAM in 2023
Connect with Navixy in LATAM in 2023

Also, be on the lookout for these popular recurring events that don’t have set dates for 2023 yet or may be postponed until 2024.

Apr 13-14, 2024ArgentinaExpo Logisti-k / Expo Transporte
This biennial exhibition held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is focused on gathering the main players in equipment, technology, and logistics solutions for supply chains. Expo Logisti-k brings together more than 30,000 people in its exhibition space, conferences, plant visits, and live demonstrations. In parallel, Expo Transport, which combines solutions for automotive, freight, and passenger transportation, is held in the same space.
Aug 28-30, 2024ArgentinaIntersec
Intersec, the most important biennial event in Argentina, offers an international meeting point for the personal, industrial, and electronic security industry. Trends, products, advances, and the most innovative services within the sector are presented here. In addition, informative and training sessions are also held. Intersec is a unique platform for strengthening relationships with existing customers in South America and attracting new prospects.
TBDChileLogistec Show
Logistec Show is an event specializing in supply-chain, logistics, and technology. This event brings together the biggest suppliers of the logistics industry in Chile for commercial presentations, talks, and business meetings. It also has a virtual version through a platform that expands the reach to different countries.
TBDMexicoCANAPAT Expo Forum
Organized by the National Chamber of Passenger Transportation and Tourism (Canapat), Expo Foro is considered the most important logistics event in the region. It serves as a meeting point for passenger transportation companies, service providers, assemblers, and authorities to present new technologies, products, and innovations for passenger transportation and tourism.

The telematics is booming in Latin America and 2023 is sure to be an exciting year for industry events. Navixy, a leader in the telematics space, has already secured its presence at several events in Mexico, Ecuador, and Columbia. Mark your calendars for when you can meet the Navixy team:

Telematics events in LATAM in 2023 and 2024

April 18-20
May 11-12
August 16-18

Can’t wait to see you in person and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for updates on the latest telematics news from LATAM!

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