Data Analysis: Raw Data Export in CSV format + Case Study

Access to detailed and accurate data is paramount in the modern world of GPS tracking and device management. Clients often encounter specific troubleshooting challenges when analysing device data, necessitating solutions that transcend the limitations of standard data formats. This article highlights a tool developed specifically to facilitate troubleshooting and address these analytical challenges - the export of telematics raw data to CSV format. Through an illustrative case study, we demonstrate how this feature not only aids in troubleshooting by pinpointing exact issues faced by users but also enhances data interpretation accuracy.

The data management challenge: simplifying GPS data analysis and troubleshooting

Users may find it challenging to troubleshoot and access the depth of detail required from device data, especially in the context of GPS trackers. Such challenges could appear from the inherent complexities of device data itself and the specific troubleshooting needs that arise. Identifying a method that allows for comprehensive, easily accessible, and adaptable data analysis and troubleshooting is therefore crucial.

Transitioning to a solution: streamlining raw data export with CSV for advanced analysis

To address these challenges, a new tool has been introduced that allows the export of telematics raw data to CSV from any device. This format is chosen for its simplicity and compatibility with various data analysis tools, including those utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Traditional methods of data retrieval and analysis can sometimes add layers of complexity, making it difficult for users to uncover and troubleshoot the real issues affecting sensor operations, beacon settings, and event processing. This complexity does not indicate a shortfall in data delivery but highlights the need for a more straightforward approach to access, analyze, and troubleshoot raw data. The absence of raw data access might pose challenges in analytics and troubleshooting, particularly when addressing specific events or generating custom reports for various parameters.

The raw data export tool's key capabilities

  • Uploading decoded raw data - is compatible with any GPS tracker on the platform.
  • Selective parameter inclusion - tailors data retrieval to include only relevant parameters for a specific tracker model.
  • Automated data recording - enables all the data without any activation prior to the download to record all the necessary details.
  • Time zone synchronisation - is adjusting data timestamps for seamless international operation.

Case study: fuel level sensor oxidation and telematics data troubleshooting

Fuel level sensor oxidation and telematics data troubleshooting

After installing a fuel level sensor and conducting successful calibration, our partner observed a puzzling disparity between the actual fuel levels and the values reported by the sensor on the platform. Numerous factors can influence sensor readings, from the sensor type to its connection and platform settings. However, the inconsistency in this case was mainly baffling as it emerged after a period of successful operation.

The partner utilised our export of telematics data to CSV format feature to access uncalibrated data from the fuel sensor. This detailed analysis was critical in identifying the root cause of the issue.

On analysis of raw data, irregularities in the sensor readings by the partner were established. An investigation later on showed that this was primarily a result of oxidation from contacts of the fuel sensor. The oxidation led the sensor to send out distorted data, most of which accounted for the inconsistencies on the platform. All other discrepancies were then mirrored by the inaccuracies in the widgets and the reports consumed by the users of the platform. It all created confusion and some alarm as well.

After cleaning the oxidised contacts, the sensor was functional and reconciled data with that of the first calibration. This incident underlines the necessity of regular maintenance of sensors in order to ensure data fidelity.

This case effectively highlights how feature of the export of telematics raw data to CSV format can be used to diagnose and fix sensor-related issues. The ability of users to access raw data in this way helped them to locate and resolve a problem that takes in all the details required for advanced diagnostics.

Conclusion: empowering decision-making with telematics raw CSV data export

The export of telematics data to CSV format feature stands out as an indispensable tool in every client's data management and GPS tracking functions. Access to raw device data makes it possible to carry out detailed investigations, solve the most complicated issues, and come up with informed decisions based on intensive analysis of data.

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