Teltonika GH4000: improved version of personal GPS tracker

Teltonika is mostly famous for vehicle GPS trackers (FM series), but there are also a few battery-powered models. Recently the Lithuanian manufacturer presented its newer version of Teltonika GH4000 personal tracker.

This device is more like a simple cell phone with GPS reporting functionality, rather than a full-featured personal GPS tracker. Yet, it's an improved version of older GH3000: the device has got GLONASS support and newer Quad-band GSM module. In result Teltonika GH4000 acquires the position faster, consumes less power and works longer with the same 1050 mAh battery.

From the firmware side nothing really changed. The device still has no Assisted-GPS support, neither continuous tracking mode.

We at Navixy have already supported GH4000 model closely. For example, user can read full status about the device, configure GPS tracking interval remotely and set phone numbers for dialing. Check for more details and supported features in Devices section.

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