Blog Release notes

February 2024

Web Version

  • The Tags, Account and Balance sections have been redesigned for better navigation and user interface:
    • Tags Section: The Tags section now displays all related entities for a tag, including objects, places, and geozones. When multiple tags are selected, entities associated with each tag are shown.
    • Profile Section: Previously known as Account, this section is now renamed to Profile, with specified units of measurement for each measurement system to enhance clarity.
    • Balance Section: Updated vertical information structure, making it more accessible and understandable.
  • A new fuel volume report includes more accurate measurements of fuel volume and refueling times, and the implementation of a proprietary adaptive data processing algorithm for fuel data. The report is designed to require minimal manual adjustments, with automatic application of filters and chart smoothing.

API Documentation

  • Firebase Cloud Messaging Support has been added, facilitating easier integration of mobile applications with the platform for real-time push notifications.
  • A new server_time_filter parameter has been added for downloading raw data files, allowing for filtering based on the time data were received by the server. This feature is aimed at preventing data loss in scenarios where devices reconnect to the platform.
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