March updates: Navixy new functions

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Timofey Temlyakov


Navixy constantly updates the system and makes it better to use. This time we have prepared a list of quite considerable improvements of the past month.

Interface upgrades

  • Group a large number of objects on the map (vehicles or employees) by zooming out the scale;
  • The context menu in the trackers list. It gives a quick access to the tracker actions;
  • The new messages chat informer. Get instant messages notifications from the X-GPS Tracker app;
  • A new design of the X-GPS Monitor and X-GPS Tracker apps on your iPhone / iPad.
  • You have now the ability to place your own service logo in the Navixy frontend.

Business tools

  • GPS odometer value in the Trip reports;
  • You can easily repeat regular maintenance works in the “Fleet” (Maintenance) application;
  • “Tasks” application import has been improved. Browsing the tasks list, you can explicitly specify the employees your tasks should be assigned to.


  • Supported inter-server data exchange protocol UniGis, developed by Unilever;
  • Export your tracks in KML-file using “Splitting by tracks” option.

Other improvements

  • Improved algorithm to filter data at the beginning and end of tracks for hiking employees, allowing to record their location more accurately;
  • Secure SSL-connection for the Web interface and mobile applications.

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