Employee Spotlight: Meet Edward

Today’s post is all about Edward. His role is unique and his advice is important. Stay tuned for more highlights and keep up with our people on our SquareGPS social media pages on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook.

Edward serves SquareGPS in the Navixy division as Director of Technology Enablement and Customer Experience. In this role, he utilizes his diversified background from government and tech corporations to combine a solid understanding of technical support, product development, and marketing dynamics to map customer needs and corporate resources into a comprehensive technical marketing operations plan.

We asked him a few questions to explore his role and what advice he'd give to someone looking to join a dynamic tech company like SquareGPS!

What do you do at Navixy? 

My role at Navixy is to facilitate processes to help creative teams produce high-quality and relevant content for our audiences and to develop content, distribution, and customer experience strategies. 

Edward leads the US design team, consisting of 5 members across the United States and Latin America to produce high-quality technical content for the Navixy website, drive complex enablement and operation improvement projects, and collaborate with technologists and subject matter experts-  all while project managing everything from social media efforts to event marketing. 

What do you like about working here? What makes us unique?

The most important aspects of any organization are its people. I really enjoy interacting with and learning from my colleagues. Navixy strives to recruit very talented people with diverse skill sets and areas of expertise. Being around and working with these professionals is a rewarding experience.

What advice would you give a younger professional looking for work at a tech/SaaS/IT company?

Learn, it’s a lifelong experience and a skillset. The process doesn’t stop after finishing school. Read, talk with people, ask questions, and find a mentor. Figure out what you don’t know and try to learn it. Treat continuous learning as part of your job requirements. There will always be roles available in companies for people who are willing and able to learn new things.

General life advice or a favorite quote?

Prioritize, put things in perspective, and spend more time with the people you care about. 

Dream vacation/ or favorite place you've traveled to and why?

I was in Japan about 20 years ago but just for a few days. I’d really like to go back mainly because I love the food and history.

What are some fun facts about yourself?

I have been to 11 countries and 49 U.S. States. I always try to go to sporting events in other countries and states when possible because I think they are a great way to experience the culture. 

Keep up the good work, Edward! To learn more about the work we do at Navixy, follow us on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

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