Concox GS503

Concox GS503 is a handheld GPS tracker designed for personal tracking. It can be used for a lone worker as well as for control of kids and senior members of the family. This device has a durable black and white display, SOS button and support of multiple languages. It also has a flashlight and built-in FM radio. GS503 supports GPS and LBS location.

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Package contents

Concox GS503 is supplied to the customer in a cardboard box containing all the equipment that is necessary for operation.

The standard package contains:

  • Device
  • Charger
  • User Manual

Location and tracking

Concox GS503 is embedded with GPS, it doesn’t support GLONASS or alternative systems.

The GPS will be activated and its led will start to flash once the mobile power is on. If the GPS locate successfully within 5 minutes, the GPS led will keep solid bright and go off after 20s.

If the device is placed inside room all the time or other places which have no GPS signal there, it will turn off the GPS after searching signal for over 5 minutes. At this moment, the device will start timing and locating system no matter if it is located successfully or not, default timing and locating is 30 minutes, so the device will activate GPS for every 30 minutes to update the latest location and satellite data to platform.

Mobile networks

Concox GS503 has a Quad-band GSM 2G that allows to operate it all over the world.

Power supply

GS503 features a rechargeable battery. When fully charged it ensures about a day of device operation (in normal conditions).

Local and remote management

GS503 can be controlled over GPRS. There is also a list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back. It supports remote APN settings configuration by SMS.


Concox GS503 is a mobile phone, so it all basic features, as:

  • FM-Radio
  • Phone book and option to dial numbers
  • Call history
  • SMS-messaging
  • Ringtones

Подключение к серверу

Сервер (
Сервер (
Порт сервера47755

Общая информация



Вес74 g (2.61 oz.)
Размер115x51x6.5 mm (4.53x2.01x0.26 in)

Локация по GPS

Встроенная антенна (GPS)Да


Тип сотовой сетиGSM Quad Band
Внутренняя антенна (GSM)Да
Поколение сотовой сети2G

Аппаратные функции

Объем батареи1200 mAh


Уровень сигнала сот. сетиДа
Уровень GPS сигналаДа
Количество GPS спутниковДа
Уровень встроенной батареиДа

Удалённое управление

Настройка подключения к серверу по SMSДа
Активируйте устройство на платформе Попробовать
Не нашли свое устройство? Можем добавить Интегрировать

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