Remote fuel level monitoring to combat skyrocketing fuel prices

Following recent global events, the price of gasoline has risen dramatically in the United States, topping the record high set nearly 14 years ago.

Gasoline prices are at their highest without accounting for inflation, AAA reports, with an average national price of $4.17 for a gallon of regular gasoline. It is expected that gasoline prices will surge to a record high in European countries as well, as traders anticipate the energy shortage to last well into 2023. As this happens, fleet owners and operators have more reason than ever to maximize fuel efficiency and implement fleet management tools like remote fuel level monitoring apps to reduce fuel consumption.

Monitor fuel levels with Navixy

Navixy’s platform offers companies various ways to monitor fuel consumption, and that is why hundreds of companies around the world turn to our platform to run data reports, set alerts, and track the behaviors of all assets.

Whether your concern is fuel loss from idling, fuel theft in adverse trip locations, or harsh driving, our data visualization capabilities allow you to see the data to make informed decisions to protect your assets and minimize financial losses.

Benefits and capabilities of remote fuel level monitoring with Navixy platform

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of ways fleet owners and operators can avoid these situations with our remote fuel monitoring capabilities. Benefits and capabilities include the following;

  • Tracking fuel volume online: Ensure that the crew can check tank levels at any time and, if refueling is necessary, plan their route efficiently.
  • Analytics per period: To help fleet owners make data-driven decisions, all trips, events, and level changes will be logged automatically.
  • Fuel theft alerts: An instant notification will be generated and sent automatically whenever the fuel level changes drastically. The message will appear as a push notification, text, or email.
  • Engine idling calculation: Many drivers aren't aware that frequent idling wastes fuel and leads to unnecessary expenses. We provide the exact data to help companies switch to lean fleet management.
  • Accessing the exact location and time of refueling: Ensure your vehicles are refilled only at the proper gasoline/petroleum stations as chosen by your owners.
  • Tracking fuel consumption per trip: You can calculate fuel consumption for every trip at any period of time, even if your GPS device is not equipped with a physical fuel sensor.
  • Driver accountability: Benchmark driver reports to see what can be improved and utilize driver scoring, ensuring only desired behaviors occur behind the wheel.

Video: Mobile platform fuel level monitoring and fuel theft prevention how-to

Make sure your customers enjoy all the benefits of these features. To help select and install the monitoring method or fuel sensor, refer to our Fuel Sensor Tutorial. See how intuitive it is to configure and use fuel monitoring on the platform:

For more information or for any questions on how you can use Navixy’s platform to monitor fuel and reduce excess spending, contact us today.

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