Navixy update. Draw your own maps

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Timofey Temlyakov

Navixy developers have introduced a list of regular system improvements. One of the March updates really deserves attention. Now users can insert his own map layers into Navixy GPS tracking system.

In other words, your clients can draw their own maps, upload it to the server and integrate into the GPS tracking system.

Let us imagine that your client has a diamond mining business. There is a fleet of heavy vehicles under GPS tracking control. The client wants to track the vehicles on the map and watch all the traffic on the diamond recovery field, but surely, he will not be able to observe this particular place on the map (e.g. Google maps). The good news is he can draw his own map layer and attach it to the existing map.

As a joke, our developers drew a map layer in MS Paint and put it into Navixy. Nice work!


If some of your clients have an idea to put his own map layers into the system, please contact our support and get the detailed instructions. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be aware of latest updates.

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