The age of GPS tracking is over: mobile resource management to the rescue

When Navixy was created 15 years ago, the state of business and technology was nothing like it is now. Smartphones, mobile messengers, 4G and 5G were some vague and far-fetched ideas. A simpler time? Not when it comes to modern productivity.

Solutions for fleets, field service, and asset monitoring have been evolving during these years, too. Making their way through employees’ and vehicles’ locations, they now help dispatch jobs, schedule service works, automate alerts on harsh driving and other events. And these are just a few things Navixy can do. The old name tag “GPS tracking platform” no longer reflects all the benefits – so why keep on using it? Starting this year Navixy is a Mobile Resource Management platform.

Why step beyond track and trace?

Each company operates a number of mobile resources: field workforce, vehicles, heavy equipment, cargo. Satellite monitoring is the ultimate tool to pin the coordinates. However, GPS tracking will only cover the basic demands. Locations monitoring improves discipline but won’t help field automation, performance, and productivity. And since it doesn’t differentiate a vehicle from a mobile employee, the technology won’t be efficient for fleet protection, utilization and safety. So, using nothing but GPS tracking for mobile resources will be like using smartphones only for calls and SMS.

At Navixy the extended tools are available and organized into the three products. Fleet tracking combats vehicle idling, fuel frauds and unauthorized use, helping to slash fines, accidents and breakdowns. Field service management covers the gap between mobile workforce and office: streamlining job dispatching, organizing tasks into routes, syncing performance results, introducing paperless forms. GPS asset monitoring allows to control remote objects in terms of location, security (for vehicles and cargo) and safety (for the transported products and medicine).

Navixy user interface

This division starts with the website and goes on to the interface: all features are classified by products. The unused options won’t disturb your users and budget.

What is Mobile resource management platform

Navixy MRM platform is more than just three products but also the ecosystem around them:

Mobile apps. Х-GPS Tracker for mobile employees and Х-GPS Monitor for executives create a holistic solution for field service tracking. Organize workforce, monitor progress, exchange data, files and locations with nothing but smartphones or tablets.

Marketplace is a variety of add-ons and plugins to:

API/SDK provides easy-to-deploy integration with third-party services. Import customers, addresses and tasks from CRM to create fastest daily routes. Use trip reports to calculate wages, taxes and reimbursements.

Customization. Localize the platform to any region with the right language, currency, and other metrics. Select from a variety of GIS tools or upload your own. Brand desktop and mobile applications with a corporate logo and a color scheme of choice.

24/7 Support. We have teams based in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, so wherever your business is, we can provide technical and other expert assistance during your prime hours.

We take pride in working with 100 employees, 600 partners, hardware manufacturers and telematics providers all over the world. Get access to business insights, platform updates, tutorials, and in-depth IoT research.

Embrace the comprehensive mobile resource management ecosystem to effortlessly grow and scale up your business. Select the tools to design frictionless experience for customers no matter what region or vertical they come from.

Working for partners, creating for users

We don’t work directly with customers, however we always keep them in mind when developing new features and redesigning the architecture. Navixy delivers robust functionality not compromising the ease of use and flexibility – something all Navixy partners appreciate. While the platform is easily configurable and scalable to different requirements without coding, we provide comprehensive REST API/ SDK to enable unique value-added developments.

The indirect cooperation however doesn't make us any less aware of the customers' daily needs and challenges. We pay special attention to industries and specific toolkits for different verticals:

Plus customers can always contact Navixy to find the best partners matching their needs and region. If you want to apply Navixy-based solution for your company or enterprise, simply fill in the form.

While the GPS tracking, per se, is backing off, it does leave us with amazing prospects. Work with the three products or aim at a particular one. Focus on mobile apps or apply complex IoT hardware. Keep it short and simple or introduce trendsetting integrations. That’s the beauty of the platform: mold it into whatever you want and use it as a launch pad for creative developments. For those migrating from another platform or platforms, our tech support will gladly accomplish it in a few hours thanks to bulk activation.

Still have questions or want to share your feedback? Reach us at [email protected] or in social channels.

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