Meitrack MT90

Meitrack MT90 is a handheld and simple-to-use GPS/GLONASS tracker that can be used for personal or pet tracking. Due to its small size this device may be used by parents to track the location of their kids.

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It also has a small microphone and a speaker for the voice communication, as well as a SOS button alarm.

The device has the IP65 waterproof class and its removable battery can work up to 8 hours in stand-by mode.

Package content

Package contents:

  • MT90 tracker
  • A battery
  • USB cable
  • Travel adapter (charger)
  • Screwdriver
  • CD and MEITRACK MT90 Quick Start Guide
  • Lanyard

Location and tracking

Meitrack MT90 is embedded with GPS chip and supports both GPS and GLONASS systems. It doesn’t support Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. As the back-up, when no satellites signals are available, it uses Cell ID location (also known as LBS-tracking).

Mobile networks

Meitrack MT90 has a Quad-band GSM module that allows to use it all over the world.

Emergency button

SOS button is located on the front side of MT90. After the signal is sent, Meitrack MT90 will dial three authorized phone numbers in sequence. It will stop dialing when one phone number answers, and then will send alarm information to the phone numbers.

Power supply

It’s claimed that fully charged battery (1100 mAh) can last from 5 to 8 hours, depending on the GSM and GPS signal conditions. MT90 also has several sleeping mode options to extend its battery life:

  • “When the sleep level is 0, the sleep mode is disabled (default).
  • When the sleep level is 1, the tracker enters the normal sleep mode. The GSM module always works, and the GPS module occasionally enters the sleep mode. The tracker works 25% longer in the normal sleep mode than that in the normal working mode. This mode is not recommended for short interval tracking; this will affect the route precision.
  • When the sleep level is 2, the tracker enters deep sleep mode. If no event (SOS, button changes, incoming calls, or SMSs) is triggered after five minutes, the GPS module will stop and the GSM and MCU modules will enter sleep mode. Once an event is triggered, the GPS, GSM, and MCU modules will be woken up.


  1. The tracker can enter normal sleep mode under vibration, while 3D shake cannot wake the tracker up from normal sleep mode.
  2. In deep sleep mode, you can enable or disable the 3D shake wakeup function by Meitrack Manager.
  3. In any condition, you can use an SMS or a GPRS command to disable the sleep mode, and then the tracker exits the sleep mode and switches back to the normal working mode.

Local and remote management

Meitrack MT90 tracker has two general modes for GSM communication: SMS and GPRS. In GPRS mode it sends data to server and can be fully controlled over GPRS. There is also a wide list of SMS commands in a human-friendly format, on which device always replies back. It supports remote APN settings configuration by SMS.

LED Indication

MT90 has two LEDs:

  • Green LED indicates GSM mode
  • Blue LED indicates GPS reception

Server connection

EU (
US (
Server port47752
Auto registrationYes

General information

Weight70 g (2.47 oz.)

Connectivity information

Network signal levelYes
Network operator IDYes

Location information

GNSS signal levelYes
Forced GNSS location update over SMSYes




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