Navixy Raw Data feature: a game-changer across industries

In an era where data is increasingly becoming the cornerstone of decision-making and operational efficiency, the role of raw data is fundamentally crucial. This unprocessed, pure form of data is the key to unlocking insights, driving analytics, and guiding critical business decisions. As we launch our new feature centered on raw data accessibility, it's vital to delve into its importance as a technological innovation and an indispensable tool for our clients and partners.

Our partners have raised a compelling need for access to raw data, each bringing to light distinct use cases that showcase its broad applicability and transformative potential. Their feedback provides valuable insights into how different sectors harness this fundamental resource:

  • Safety Assurance: For vehicle safety, raw data from devices is indispensable. For example, during geo-position analysis, it is vital to analyze data to track location before, during, and after an event. Utilizing all available data in security operations enhances the ability to respond to incidents effectively.
  • Analytics and problem-solving: Access to raw data enables detailed analysis of device-related situations. It's not just about collecting data but comparing variables across platforms to determine the right solution.
  • Fleet Usage Analysis: Raw data is the path to specific analytics for those who manage a fleet. By connecting the data to tools like PowerBI, partners can create more relevant dashboards to the end customer's business needs.
  • Sensor Data Diagnostics: In cases where alarms fail to detect issues or sensors are not working correctly, raw data helps diagnostics.

After studying our partners' needs and requests for raw data usage, the Navixy team identified new potential uses for Navixy's Raw Data Warehouse functionality:

  • Leveraging GPS tracker data: GPS tracker data is processed by AI and machine learning for various purposes, including monitoring vehicle usage and creating heat maps.
  • Verifying GPS tracker configuration: Viewing parameter data allows you to verify tracker settings, including its ability to send data.
  • Rule triggering diagnostics: Tracking and manually triggering event IDs helps verify that devices are handling events correctly.
  • Autonomous Device Diagnostics: Analyzing raw data helps determine why a device is unplugged, including battery issues.
  • Customised customer solutions: Create custom reports and analytics based on raw device data and integrate them with data visualization tools.

What is raw data?

Raw data is comprehensive information within JSON format on parameters after decoding device packets. Raw data is more than just numbers and codes - it's a foundational element for clarity and efficiency in business solutions. When an end client faces issues with their business solution, the ability to access raw data can be the difference between prolonged troubleshooting and quick problem resolution.

For partners, raw data allows for immediate analysis and action instead of a lengthy cycle of collecting information, contacting authorities, and waiting for incidents to reoccur. This immediacy not only saves time but also ensures that clients continue receiving the data they need without undue delay.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Consider a scenario where a business solution stops working. The traditional approach involves a time-consuming process of information gathering, authority consultation, and manufacturer coordination. If the problem lies in the firmware, the delay further affects client satisfaction and financial dynamics.

With direct access to raw data, technical support teams can instantly review device outputs, reconfigure settings, or coordinate with manufacturers for a rapid resolution. This proactive approach not only enhances client satisfaction but also solidifies the reliability of our services.

Empowering Businesses with Raw Data

With our new Navixy Raw Data feature, security operations and fleet management is paramount. This feature helps clients access and analyze raw data, providing essential tools for improved decision-making and problem-solving while ensuring heightened operational transparency in device diagnostics and other critical areas.

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