Mobile workforce: time monitoring

NAVIXY Server expanded the capabilities of its software for the automation of the control of traveling staff.

Function "Tasks" which allows you to create a list of orders in accordance to the city map, has been updated. In particular, there appeared options "Permissible delay" and "Duration of presence."

Development of functions has been implemented in order to improve the quality of staff control by introducing additional conditions and restrictions.

With the parameter "Permissible delay" the client can track the status of assignments based on the fact how much the employee was late. If the delay exceeds the permissible value, the assignment gets the status "not satisfied."

Duration of presence” will determine the minimal time which sufficient for qualitative service at the point and also will avoid unnecessary delays. Deviation of the parameter automatically marks the task as "not satisfied".

Client may apply these settings if necessary, using them both sporadically and for regular tasks on templates.

It is expected that "Tasks" will be supplemented with parameter of actual time spent in each point of the path.

Geo-tracking tools of NAVIXY Server is a software for satellite monitoring of movements, which is using for time management of business processes (time-control function), and for tracking different events on transport: change of speed, fuel consumption, on-off time, the deviation from the route and others.

The service is based on SaaS using web-based interface with no need to install additional software.

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