Jimi IoT devices: new Navixy integrations for asset, vehicle, and personal tracking

The Navixy platform is known for its extensive compatibility with devices from a wide array of manufacturers. Among the standout devices we support are the impressive trackers from Jimi IoT. While many are familiar with the Jimi JC400 dash cam, the company's product range extends far beyond that. Jimi IoT produces a multitude of top-quality GPS devices designed for a diverse set of purposes.

This post will cover some of the latest Jimi IoT trackers integrated in Navixy, as well as how Navixy’s unique functionalities can help you get the most out of these devices.

Why Navixy works well with Jimi IoT devices

Before we discuss these newly integrated Jimi devices, let’s explore what makes our platform an ideal match for this versatile manufacturer.

First, Jimi IoT is a top vendor both globally and on the Navixy platform. Thanks to our many years of committed partnership with Jimi, we prioritize supporting and integrating their devices, including vehicle, cargo, and portable trackers, as well as their dash cams. Targeting low-to-mid budget segments, Jimi is a highly popular brand in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The Navixy platform itself plays host to a suite of tools that make managing your devices a breeze. For instance, you can effortlessly manage a wide variety of device settings, such as tracking modes and harsh driving controls, and even manage different time zones with the time zone tool. Furthermore, Navixy supports virtual sensors to broaden your capabilities and enrich your data with valuable insights, offering a more comprehensive understanding of your vehicles' and drivers' performance.

One of the standout features is the easy configuration of alert notifications, which can be sent to your email, phone, mobile app, or web platform. This ensures a timely response to any issues concerning your vehicles or employees' safety. Plus, you can customize these alerts to operate during specific times, days, and within particular zones.

Navixy also offers data forwarding to make transferring information seamless and straightforward if you need to forward data to third-party services or governmental entities. This feature further enhances the versatility and convenience of our integrated devices, ensuring you have the tools necessary to meet all your data sharing requirements.

The Reports feature also enhances your ability to manage your devices effectively. This feature allows you to analyze historical data from your devices, providing valuable insights into their performance over time to assist you with making informed decisions and optimizing device usage. The ease of access to this historical data is yet another reason why using new integrated devices can be a game-changer for your management needs.

Finally, Navixy ensures that you have complete control over your hardware from any location. This starts with automatic device activation, which enables you to bring hardware online almost instantly to save time, money, and effort on deployment. And once your trackers have been activated, you can easily change their settings, perform updates, and more with our remote device management capabilities.

Jimi IoT: versatile trackers for powerful IoT solutions

Whether you’re seeking a compact device for light tracking or a more robust industrial tracker, Navixy supports a multitude of high-quality, reliable hardware options from Jimi IoT. Learn more about the latest integrations below.

VL-103D: waterproof LTE tracker with RS485 interface


The Jimi VL-103D comes with a 270mAh LiPo built-in battery and LTE Cat 1 connectivity, making it ideal for monitoring equipment status and driving quality. Along with GPS, BDS, and LBS positioning, it also features driving behavior analysis to monitor and report harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and even collisions. It also has an RS485 interface for additional usage options. Finally, its IP66 rating means this tracker is sealed for protection from water and dust.

VL-103M: GPS tracker for commercial, industrial fleets


Similar to the D model, the Jimi VL-103M has additional IO for buzzer/horn output instead of RS485. Besides this, it shares many of the same features as its counterpart, such as GPS, BDS, and LBS positioning, driving behavior analysis, and an IP66 rating. The VL103M is designed to handle industrial and commercial fleet applications ranging from rental agencies and public transportation to freight transport and beyond.

EG02: GPS tracker for e-scooters


Say hello to the EG02, the ultimate anti-theft solution for your electric scooter. Along with its plug-and-play design and real-time GPS & LBS tracking capabilities, this tracker has an audio alarm to deter theft and 9-90V for optimal adaptability. One of the standout features of the EG02 is its optimized battery protection. This function ensures your vehicle's battery won't be drained or damaged, extending the lifespan of your e-scooter, industrial equipment, golf carts, and more.

HVT001: covert cigarette lighter tracker


A car GPS tracker cleverly disguised as a cigarette lighter USB charger, the Jimi HVT001 is a stealthy device packed with features that make it an incredible asset for vehicle security and tracking. It supports both GPS and LBS positioning, ignition detection, and an SOS button. One of the standout features is its embedded microphone with an impressive voice monitoring range of up to 5 meters.

LG01 & LG300: GNSS trackers for non-powered assets


Meet the Jimi LG01 and LG300, two asset trackers designed to keep a watchful eye on your non-powered assets. Both devices support GPS and LBS tracking, providing accurate, real-time location updates.

The LG01 has an impressive battery life of over three years thanks to intelligent power management. The LG01 offers multiple working modes, including tracking, power-saving, week-based, and alarm-based mode, all of which are configurable. A key feature is its tamper alert, which notifies you if the sensor detects that the device has been removed.

Meanwhile, the LG300 is a 2G wireless tracker designed for industrial and commercial applications. It has two working modes: regular GPS mode and tracking mode, as well as a high-capacity, 10,000mAh rechargeable battery, which supports long standby applications and can be easily recharged for redeployment.

PG201: durable, long-lasting personal tracker


The PG201 is a compact, moisture-protected personal tracker designed for personnel management, such as sanitation workers and field staff.

Despite its light and compact size, the PG201 is a portable powerhouse that supports two-way communication, so workers can speed-dial up to three contacts directly from the device, or press the SOS button in emergencies. In addition, thanks to the PG201’s intelligent positioning modes, this device can pinpoint locations faster and more accurately using GPS, BDS, LBS, or Wi-Fi. And with an IPX5 rating, this rugged device can withstand challenging conditions.

VL802: LTE terminal for vehicles


Packed with features and designed for versatility, the Jimi VL802 supports GPS and LBS positioning, driver behavior analysis, ignition detection, door status, temperature, and fuel level readings. This advanced 4G GPS tracker is perfect for managing industrial and commercial fleets. It includes two-way communication and remote audio monitoring with an inconspicuous mic, as well as a panic button and engine cut relay for emergencies.

VL512: 4G OBD tracker


The VL512 is a 4G OBDII car tracker with GPS and BDS positioning. It offers driver behavior analysis, various alerts, and standard tracking settings. Since the device plugs right into the OBDII port, installation is effortless. Like the VL802, it comes with a built-in microphone to monitor and record cabin audio. Both are innovative devices that bring you the best in fleet management technology thanks to their advanced features and user-friendly designs.


Whether you're in need of a vehicle, asset, or personal tracker, Jimi IoT has something to offer. Each device is packed with unique features tailored to meet various needs, from ensuring stolen vehicle recovery and fleet management, to keeping tabs on valuable assets and loved ones. We're thrilled to announce that we've integrated numerous new Jimi IoT models into our Navixy platform. These additions broaden the selection of devices available to our users, offering even more flexibility in finding the perfect tracking solution, especially when paired with Navixy benefits such as automatic device activation and remote configuration.

All these devices provide a variety of features to meet your specific needs. Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to reach out to our sales team [email protected] if you have any questions! You can also try out Navixy for yourself by .

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