GPS tracker certification: what it means and entails

Why telematics professionals should pay close attention to regulation and compliance requirements of the GPS devices they market and install

Have you ever looked at the small symbols on a GPS tracker and thought, "What do these mean?" You may have a hunch that they have something to do with certification or compliance, but are unsure of how exactly. Your interest may have grown even more when you saw them prominently featured in GPS device specifications seen on manufacturer websites or technical documentation, an indication that these certifications could be highly critical. If this sounds familiar, then the below information is right for you.

Understanding the certification process of GPS trackers can be tricky, yet it is essential since certification is a legal prerequisite. If you're reselling or planning on buying GPS trackers, it’s important to know what certifications are necessary and guarantee that these devices abide by certain regulatory mandates to be suitable for use in your market.

Certification of GPS devices - What is it?

In a nutshell, successful certification indicates that GPS tracking device manufacturers have tested their devices against industry-recognized specifications and standards, while also verifying their performance in various environmental conditions.

However, there are two primary reasons why the certification of GPS trackers is so intricate:

  1. Certification isn’t just one step. It encompasses a host of factors from meeting radio frequency compliance and consumer safety standards, to safeguarding data privacy, to adhering to other industry benchmarks such as waterproofing requirements.
  2. Each country tends to have their own distinctive certification regulations which are determined by local regulators and the criteria and techniques for acquiring each certificate must abide by existing technology processes, consumer expectations and national policies.

Unless a GPS tracking device has acquired all the necessary certifications for its target country or region, it is prohibited from being marketed or distributed in that country or region.

Ensuring regulatory compliance of GPS trackers

When starting to look into certifying a GPS device, you likely have many questions. A few of the most common probably include:

  • Which certifications are required for a GPS tracker in my country?
  • How do I verify if a specific device is already certified in my region?
  • Can I simply import a device from another country and start using it without certification?
  • Whose duty is it to certify devices: the manufacturer's or distributor's?
  • Which labs are authorized to do the testing?
  • Is it necessary to re-certify a device if it got a minor design upgrade?

Answering questions like the ones above become essential when you are planning a joint venture with a GPS device manufacturer, like distributing devices or providing GPS tracking services. Since you may be liable for devices that you market in your target country, it’s a good idea to seek the counsel of a lawyer to help you understand all of the intricacies involved, but to help you get started with the process you can also check out the additional resources on our website.

Our GPS Tracker Certification Guide outlines the complete certification process from start to finish, as well as provides a comprehensive overview of some of the common certifications. To gain a better understanding of how the certification process works in different countries, we have also created detailed explanations regarding certifications in the United States, Canada, and the Mexico and Latin America region.

Your GPS platform needs to be flexible too

We have explained why it is wise to check that devices satisfy all compliance regulations when considering new GPS trackers for your next project, but having a software platform that is versatile and able to support a multitude of devices will also give you a leg up as this widens your device selection possibilities per region.

Navixy is the perfect choice when looking for modern and compliant devices. Our platform offers integration with hundreds of GPS devices, plus our expertise in over 130 countries provides you with ultimate peace of mind that your telematics project will thrive and succeed. Feel free to reach out to our experts to find a perfect match for your specific needs.

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