Navixy Platform Update, May 2020

Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Navixy Roundup, a new section that highlights recent platform improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

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No time to use multiple messengers or exit the user account? No worries, a dispatcher can immediately send out the same message to multiple users and exchange ideas in an individual chat.  Saving time, effort and money!

Learn more here

Grant your service the essential CRM functionality to address you business specific needs and requirements. Learn more here

Walking, cycling or using public transport? Starting now, with just one tap, a field employee can set the optimal performance mode for the X-GPS Tracker App corresponding to the desired means of transportation. Learn more here

With the aid of the “POI Visits” report, supervisors can check how long meetings with customers usually take. Learn more here

It’s no longer required to create a “Geofence entrance or exit” control rule + more accurate data on the distance traveled. Learn more here

Now, users can attach bills from automobile repair shops, copies of receipts, work completion certificates, photos of repairs, etc. Learn more here

The Navixy team has launched a Community Portal! Join a group of users and experts. Communicate, ask questions, and share your ideas!

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