How to activate a GPS tracking device in 60 seconds

Navixy kicks off a series of how-to videos to show that powerful functionality doesn’t have to be difficult to implement. Refresh your knowledge of Navixy features, educate your teams and customers: all the important steps and tools are covered in 1-minute videos.

We’ve decided to start with the basics. GPS tracker activation is where most of fleet management and asset monitoring features originate. Today we’ll show how anyone can activate a GPS tracker on the platform without technical skills and time to waste. All thanks to Navixy-exclusive automated M2M commands.

Feel free to share the video to attract more customers with smart and intuitive functionality. Let us know if you liked the new format in the comments or reach us at [email protected]. Next week we’ll show how to block the engine remotely in seconds to prevent car theft and quickly recover the stolen vehicles.

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