Custom fields to replicate CRM functionality and make any company feel at home

Every business is unique. And this is something to be cherished: even a subtle difference gives an edge in the competitive world. Service providers do their best to celebrate this uniqueness — yet there are always things that companies need to make peace with. Available personification tools won't cater to every little aspect and custom developments will take a lot of time and money.

This tug of war between tailor-made and one-size-fits-all can be ended with a customizable solution and we are here to present one. Starting this month Navixy rolls out custom fields to help highlight business peculiarities of your customers. Let’s see why it is a big deal and how it revolutionizes mobile workforce management.

Tools to adjust to business, not the other way around

Whenever a new company signs in to the MRM platform, they introduce a new digital stage to their entire workflow. No more guesswork: all data is real-time, true and available on the go. Yet there are things new customers will have to learn and adapt to. Wait, doesn’t it make more sense to make the tool align, not companies? Leverage custom fields to let businesses display any unique data and make the service instantly “theirs”.

Assign custom fields to meet national regulations of any market you work with. This way customers provide local IDs, address and other contact information in the format adopted in their country. Accommodate to ad-hoc requirements with no effort. If there is any pandemic-specific data, like hygienic requirements for the workforce or new hours of operation, indicate it company-wide and easily remove, when the outbreak is over.

Yet the biggest deal is smart segmentation of internal data. Help companies better analyze routine operations and consolidate costs, both of which can be often overlooked. Having said that, let’s move on to more hands-on examples.

Segment data to optimize work and expenses

Custom fields allow companies to capture and store unique business data. Not only what’s necessary, but anything that can be of help. Empower customers to get more granular and turn client locations into complete record cards. Who’s the store manager? How many people are needed for assignments? What tools to bring? What documents to present? — let companies specify any information to benefit their field performance.

Not only will this data be reusable across the whole organization for planners, accountants, and mechanics, it will help managers rationalize costs and reconsider field strategy if necessary. Maybe it will stimulate some immediate changes, like increasing the number of mobile workers or servicing periods. Or will give rise to long-term goals, such as buying new equipment instead of renting it on a regular basis.

This approach also raises accountability among the mobile workforce and boosts customer care. Managers add the requirements once. Mobile specialists see exactly what their clients want and figure out how to get it done in the most efficient way.

Manage mobile workforce and clients on the same platform

Custom fields allow to create your own CRM incorporated into the mobile workforce management platform. No special integrations needed: just add custom fields to the new Places module to turn it into a client base. A unique CRM+GPS solution gives greater control over field operations. Plus working in one combined solution is always better on your customers’ budget and workflow: no need to copy data, no errors.

Arranged this way, your service will provide a total field management solution: an employee checks the to-do list for the day and taps on a complete dossier on the companies s/he’s about to visit. The data is available right on their smartphone to guarantee better results.

custom forms in X-GPS tracker

Due to their extended opportunities and applications, we’ll roll out custom fields one step at a time. The tool is now available for Places to create the above said CRM-like experience on the MRM platform. In our next article we’ll tell more about Places module and its use cases — stay tuned. Gradually we will add custom fields to Maintenance, Vehicles, Staff, Tasks and other units.

To learn more about the feature and its terms and conditions please hit us at [email protected] or contact your personal Navixy manager. If you’ve already started using the new tool, we’d love to hear your feedback. Let’s stay home and stay in touch.

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