How-to video: dispatch jobs and optimize routes in seconds

While everything else is moving to mobile, mobile-based solutions for field service gain momentum. The perks for business are obvious: no investment in hardware. Installation and maintenance procedures are also canceled — download the mobile app, log in and the service is up and running. Field employees favor this approach. Everything they need workwise is always at hand in one app.

Job dispatching is the backbone of mobile workforce management. A company may have fantastic teams in the field and the office but unless they are coordinated the overall performance will be poor. At Navixy we know the importance of it and made assigning the tasks intuitive and comprehensive. We have amplified the feature with Route Optimization so that supervisors don’t have to figure out the trails themselves. Let’s see how to assign the task to the nearest employee, add locations and forms, build the fastest routes, and complete it in a matter of minutes.

If you’re looking for more field service automation, give Recurring Tasks a go. The feature works the same way as Tasks but allows to select the days on which the route should be repeated, e.g. daily, every Monday, etc. Let us know if you have any questions regarding job dispatch and route optimization at [email protected] or leave a comment under the video on our Youtube channel.

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