Grow with field service automation: one more client a day

Mobile workforce management solutions help significantly improve field performance and cut expenses with three components: discipline, fuel costs decrease and workflow automation. But significantly is too vague a figure for business.

Platforms and services prefer to share maximum or average results. Sure, the growth by 30-40% is feasible, as achieved by many companies with the help of our partners. Today we want to go another way and showcase the minimum results: the ones you can guarantee to your customers regardless of their realm, size or region.

10% productivity growth per each employee

While any product can have a minimum efficiency rate of 0%, it’s not the case of field service management. Due to the three not-so-secret ingredients, the performance increase will be at least 10%. Translated into business terms: previously a mobile worker would visit 10 clients a day, now it’s 11. One more order a day means the surplus of 22 orders a month. And we’re still talking about one employee’s results. Multiply 22 by the team number and it will sum up to a fantastic increase. So, what are the ingredients?

Discipline. Field employees are aware that any idling time, personal trips or neglected clients will be discovered by the field service platform. Now the company won’t pay for long unnecessary breaks and corporate fleet won’t be used as a private car. This also helps managers to see the real picture: how much time is required for warehouse operations, visits and negotiations, trips. The data is always available without distortion.

Route optimization. The refined discipline will help streamline fuel costs, too. But the bigger part of the expenses will be covered by route optimization. Less mileage, less fuel consumption, less wear and tear and finally less time behind the wheel. To leverage these perks a user just needs to tap on the Optimize button. The Turn-by-turn navigation will be handled by the world-trusted services — Waze, Google maps or Yandex.

Navigation modes on Navixy

Automatic workflow. Reports take a lot of time and still can have the wrong format, faulty inputs or miscalculations — let’s say by accident. Navixy allows to generate analytics on everything important automatically, from trips reports to tasks and other KPIs. The platform will send the reports to the shareholders automatically too.

Extra orders without extra workers

What does increased productivity mean for business? Not all companies had to go on lockdown during the pandemic. Deliveries, supermarkets, and online retail had to work more hours than ever.

Increased field productivity helped these companies do more without hiring extra help as well as accommodate to the new reality without additional expenses.

In other cases increased performance guarantees continuous operation no matter what. Field engineers can do more while earning more and bringing more profit. If any team member goes on vacation or takes a sick leave the work will go on uninterrupted, not affecting deadlines and customer service.

Easy to start

Many businesses choose mobile applications for their field service. These yield some obvious benefits: no hardware investments and instant start. If a customer wants more sophisticated solutions, including cold chain or fleet telematics, these will require GPS trackers and special sensors. Clients might think that such a solution will be hard to manage and configure, but it’s not so with Navixy. We turn complex technologies into intuitive tools and are not afraid to share it. Recently we’ve launched a series of how-to videos to exhibit the platform functionality as it is.

Let us know if you liked this not-sugar-coated approach: transparent digits and screencasts. We hope that our openness will help you gain the trust of companies from different regions and markets. You can always talk over the platform functionality with our customer support team at [email protected]. Subscribe to our Facebook and Youtube updates.

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