Each day fleet owners, operators and supervisors schedule, dispatch and manage dozens of routes, many of which are repeated on a regular basis. It might be a daily food delivery to several supermarket chains, transportation of goods from a warehouse to construction sites, transportation of night employees to their homes, regular checks of urban facilities by service engineers, etc. Creating the same route over and over again would be a complete waste of time. How to speed up the work? Just automate the creation of recurring routes on the platform.

The process will take just a couple of minutes. The needed routes will be created automatically and added to the tasks list according to the specified schedule, so that the company’s work won’t get stuck. Let’s get more details.

Plan faster — get more work done

Imagine the following situation: as a fleet operator at a distribution company, you manage routes that repeat on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, each Monday a driver Anthony delivers groceries to supermarkets in the southwest part of Washington, DC. To do this, he first has to visit a warehouse located in Brentwood to load the items. Only after that, he can start delivering groceries to the supermarkets.

How to quickly schedule the route for each week without forgetting all these details? Just automate the creation of recurrent routes. To do this, use our updated Recurrence section in the Field Service application. By creating a recurrence once, operators and supervisors will avoid routine work and get tons of saved time. As a result, repetitive routes will be created automatically on the specified days of the week or month.

Thus, dispatchers and supervisors can be as fast and productive as possible using the saved time to get more important tasks done. Field workers will also get better visibility by viewing their routes directly on smartphones.

Optimize operations in the fields

The automation of recurrent routes saves time for both office and mobile workers. By applying a smart route optimization for repetitive routes, operators allow mobile employees to visit all checkpoints faster, which means they also save time! At one click of a button, the dispatcher will instantly get the optimal sequence of points to visit on the map.

Another bonus is the exclusion of the human factor. Now operators and supervisors can breathe easier knowing that all the routes are scheduled in a timely manner and include all the needed points. Actually, many of our partners and their customers use route optimization in their daily operations, speeding up planning, reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Work in a familiar environment

The automatic creation of recurring routes is, indeed, a highly useful feature. Still, working with it is easy and simple. Our team of developers has maximally unified the appearance of the Recurrence section with the Tasks section (where non-repetitive routes are managed). Thus, it won’t be a problem to introduce the new tool in your company.

In case you’re used to planning routes via CRM or ERP, you can easily integrate your telematics service with these systems. The workflow will remain the same, but the results will be supported with telematics data.

To sum up, the new tool will definitely improve many aspects of planning and productivity. This, in turn, should give operators and supervisors more breathing space to focus on what matters most…getting real work done! As always, if you have any questions concerning the new feature, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].