Effective workflow planning yields excellent results. However, if a company has dozens of customers and multiple drivers to worry about, planning can be difficult. Dispatchers and supervisors need to design driving routes in a way that ensures the quickest and most efficient path to the customer. Without special tools, this process can be cumbersome and prone to miscalculations and reliance on guesswork.

To make this planning part a piece of cake, we’ve rolled out a new feature called Route Optimization. The tool perfectly complemented our application for managing mobile employees, which has become even more powerful and functional, but still easy to use. What’s changed? Now it’s possible to quickly schedule customer visits and instantly optimize a route. Let’s go into some more details.

Plan faster

Earlier, we’ve already talked about how to quickly schedule customer visits for the day. Now, the planning process has become even more easier. By simply clicking on the route optimization button, a dispatcher will instantly get the optimal sequence of locations to visit on the map. One click and all the points line up in the most effective route.

The sequence of visits is formed taking into account the driver’s current location and the distance between the points. As a result, the total distance as well as the approximate travel time will be reduced due to the selection of the shortest path.

Check out the new Route Optimization feature

The driver will receive the already optimized route on the smartphone: a list of places to visit in the established sequence, as well as the shortest route from point to point. All the driver has to do is follow the route displayed on the mobile device.


Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

The new feature will help companies significantly reduce operating costs. By optimizing routes every day, it’s possible to reduce the total mileage of the fleet by thousands of kilometers per year. Thus, using the most efficient routes means you reduce wear and tear, receive less insurance claims, and cut down fuel costs.

By the way, we also recommend to check out our article about the Driver Journal feature. Read it to learn how your customers can take advantage of deducting their business-related transport expenses.

Make mobile teams more productive

By following optimized routes, drivers spend less time on the road. The less time it takes to get from one customer to another, the more time drivers will get to serve even more customers.

Efficient usage of resources will allow to cope with a large amount of work without hiring additional staff members, as well as will let dispatchers process new orders.

Try out the new feature right now

The new feature is perfect for solving urban logistics tasks. The tool allows not only to quickly create a plan of customer visits, but also to instantly build the most efficient route thanks to our user-friendly and intuitive interface. Just one click: no paperwork and miscalculations! Offer your customers the automatic route optimization tool to help them reduce operating costs, optimize delivery logistics, and improve team efficiency.

If you want to test the Route Optimization tool on your account or learn more about this new feature, please contact our specialists: [email protected]