Release notes

August 2018

The "Reports" app has been improved, translation into Korean and Croatian languages, improved import of geofences and POIs from Excel. New trackers have been integrated: 824 models supported...

July 2018

Added the ability to schedule reports delivery time, additional low balance alerts, linking imported vehicles and employees to GPS trackers, smart filter in the “Time machine”, updated trip...

June 2018

Tasks app received a new interface, new settings and options are now available in rules and reports, updated list of currencies, geofences list view quick arrangement, X-GPS Tracker and X-GP...

May 2018

New alert is now available. Smart filter has been added in the Report advanced settings. New devices integrated, 759 models supported in total.…

April 2018

The “X-GPS Monitor” new release; “Fuel report” now contains info on speed and mileage. We've updated “Time machine” tool, “Trip report”, odometer and engine hours. New devices integrated, 75...

March 2018

It’s now possible to receive custom data transmitted by a GPS tracker; new rule added, updated email notifications on form submissions. New devices integrated, 718 models supported in total....

February 2018

New rule added, ability to add hyperlinks to “POIs”, Sinhalese language, enlarged list of currencies. New devices integrated including a LPWAN tracker. 707 models supported in total.…

January 2018

Transfer photos, files and signed forms from the “X-GPS Tracker” app to the web interface. Try out a completely redesigned main menu and get street view panoramas in the list of notification...

December 2017

The “X-GPS Monitor” mobile app new release, ability to select a data source for the engine hour meter, email-notifications updated design. New devices integrated: 668 tracker models supporte...

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Video Telematics NEW
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