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April 2020

Web Version

  • It’s now possible to add extra fields to a place’s profile in the service using the Custom Fields Builder. This will allow the head of the department to transform the Directory of Places into a comprehensive database, which may contain key information on existent customers and prospects, serviced equipment, and other important business locations. Thus, the MRM (mobile resource management) service will gain CRM functionality to address a company’s specific needs and requirements.

Mobile Applications

  • Updated the X-GPS Tracker App. Implemented tracking modes with pre-configured settings: Driving and Walking. Starting now, with just one tap, a field employee can set the optimal performance mode for the X-GPS Tracker App corresponding to the desired means of transportation.

Admin Panel

  • Translated the UI into Serbian and Bulgarian. Today Navixy supports 27 languages ​​spoken by more than 4 billion people.

New devices integrated

  • Altotrack (Retranslation Protocol)

1074 devices supported in total.

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