New features added

  • Web-version
    • We’ve included new functions to the Reports module:
      • Added a new ‘POI visits’ report. The report shows the time spent on customer sites as well as the number of times sites have been visited within the needed time period. This way, supervisors can use the report to see what customers the mobile employee has or has not visited during working hours. This will allow supervisors to objectively evaluate the results of the work performed.
      • Improved the ‘Geofence visits’ report. Starting today, the report shows all the visits to geofences by GPS units. To generate the report, dispatchers just need to create or upload a list of geofences to the telematics service. It’s no longer required to create a “Geofence entrance or exit” control rule.
      • Added option to see a mileage value in the ‘POI visits’ and ‘Geofence visits’ reports. Thus, users can see km traveled inside a site or a geofence. For example, this will help agricultural machinery owners to take into account the mileage driven on each cultivated field.
      • Added option to select the needed sites or geofences when generating the ‘Geofence visits’ and ‘POI visits’ reports. This way, heads of the working group will see information on customer visits only for those field employees that are under their supervision.
      • Added the ability to add data on non-visited places and geofences to the ‘POI visits’ and ‘Geofence visits’ reports. This will allow the head of the sales department to find out which customers haven’t been visited by the sales representatives during a period of time or on certain days.
      • Added option to hide empty tabs in some of the most often-used reports. This will help the company owner or a manager to process the report data a way faster.

New devices integrated

  • Cellocator Cello-CANiQ
  • Concox CT10
  • EliteTrack Enforcer 4G
  • MediaVerge Smart Watch
  • MyRope M588S
  • Pulsiam (Retranslation Protocol)
  • Radar Cargo
  • Radar Frota
  • Radar Neo
  • Radar OBD
  • Radar Pet
  • Radar Scooter
  • REC SOLUTIONS (Retranslation Protocol)
  • Topin ZX302
  • VNET TG102E
  • VNET TG102LE

Integration improvements:

  • Concox GT06 — implemented a remote control and data retrieval for vibration sensor
  • LKGPS LK209B — improved an algorithm for determining low battery status

A total of 1054 device models supported