New features integrated

  • Web-version
    • Improved Field Service application:
      • Added the ability to automatically repeat route tasks. Starting now, dispatchers and supervisors will be able to save time and effort when planning recurrent routes.
      • Renamed Templates section into Recurrence. The new name better corresponds to the main objective of the section, which is to automatically create recurring tasks.
      • Updated UI of the Recurrence section. The new interface has been unified with the existing Tasks interface to allow the user to feel comfortable with the new elements. Thus, the users will be able to immediately start working with the Recurrence without additional training.
      • Added new columns to Form Submissions report. The new Submission Geofence and Submission Place columns display the name of the geofence or location from which the form has been submitted by the field employee. By selecting one of these columns, a supervisor will be able to see the exact geofences or places of the form submission.
      • Added the filter by date to Form Submissions report. The new filter option allows to select a date range. It will allow the head of the department to browse the history of forms submissions for a week or a month.
    • Added a schedule for the Eco Driving report within the Fleet Management application. Now supervisors will be able to receive the report on aggressive driving by email at the most convenient time.
    • Introduced some changes to the Reports application:
      • In the Tasks report, added the ability to view mobile forms submitted by field employees. Thanks to this, the manager of the group will be able to get the complete information on the completed tasks in one single report.
      • Expanded the list of data in the Task Form Values report. It will make it easier for the supervisor to evaluate the results on forms submissions for the reporting period.
    • Implemented protection against password hacking for the user account. The protection of user data has become more secure.

New devices integrated

  • Granit 4.10
  • Granit 4.14
  • Granit 6.18
  • Recurso Confiable (retranslation protocol)
  • Teltonika MTB100
  • Teltonika FMB130
  • Wisetrack (retranslation protocol)

Integration improvements:

  • Ulbotech T381 – improved reading of OBD data on Toyota cars; supported notifications about installing and removing a GPS tracker from the OBDII connector.

1019 device models supported in total