New features

  • Web-version
    • We’ve enhanced the Field Service application:
      • Integrated the amoCRM, one of the leading CRM systems in Eastern Europe. Starting now, a list of tasks assigned to mobile employees can be automatically transferred from the amoCRM to the telematic service and be sent to the employee mobile application. The results of tasks and client visits, in turn, can be uploaded from the telematics service to the amoCRM in real-time.
      • Established a 50 meters default radius for Excel import. This will allow users to upload nearby located tasks and prevent their intersection. Thanks to this setting, a dispatcher can easily distinguish the tasks on the map and view which task a mobile employee is performing right now.
  • Mobile Applications
    • New release of the X-GPS Tracker App:
      • Added the ability to upload up to 9 photos using a Check-in button. Now a mobile employee will be able to report in detail on the results of visits to the clients.
      • Added clickable phone numbers to a task description. A field employee will be able to promptly call a client, for example, to inform of an arrival.
      • Added an in-app instruction on adjusting smartphone settings for an optimal X-GPS Tracker App performance. Thus, a mobile employee needs to follow just a few basic steps within the app to use the X-GPS Tracker to its fullest.
      • Added Lithuanian language. Now the application supports 23 languages ​​spoken by more than half of the world’s population.
    • New release of the X-GPS Monitor application:
      • Implemented an automatic change of the color palette and logo depending on the telematics service used. It’s now possible to offer users the service with your corporate style and logo.
      • Added a new measurement unit: kilometer per gallon. It is widely used in some European countries to measure fuel consumption.
      • Added automatic activation of devices for countries with 9-digit phone numbers.
    • Admin Panel
      • Added a new branding option in the Account Management tab. Now it’s possible to brand the X-GPS Monitor App by:
        • Uploading a logo
        • Selecting a color theme

    This way, you can design the X-GPS Monitor mobile application in your corporate style. As a result, clients will perceive your mobile application and a web interface as a single telematics service.

New devices integrated

  • Concox BL10
  • Concox ET25
  • MyRope M508
  • Recurso Confiable (Retranslation Protocol)
  • SimpliRoute (Retranslation Protocol)
  • Suntech ST710,
  • Suntech ST710R
  • Suntech ST730
  • Suntech ST4300
  • Suntech ST4330
  • Suntech ST4340
  • Suntech ST4500
  • Suntech ST4940
  • Suntech ST4940B

Integration improvements:

  • Galileosky 5.0, 7.0 including Base Block series – added a passenger counter.
  • HuaSun A20 – implemented the reception of data on blood pressure and heart rate.
  • LKGPS LK209B – added support for an SMS location request within the UI of the telematics platform.
  • Queclink GV300 – updated the protocol.

1003 device models supported in total