New features

  • Web-version
    • We’ve included new functions to the Fleet Management module → Maintenance:
      • Attaching files to service works. Now, users can attach bills from automobile repair shops, copies of receipts, work completion certificates, photos of repairs, etc. By examining these attachments, a fleet owner will make sure that all the tasks have been completed, as well as verify that the price was reasonable.
      • Creating service works for a group of vehicles. Starting now, mechanics will be able to plan routine maintenance works much faster. As a result, they will have more time to focus on the main activities.
      • Managing unplanned works. Users can now mark a service work as “Unplanned”. This will allow the fleet owner to easily track the expenses on unplanned works and to exclude the possible abuses of authority.
  • Mobile Apps
    • New release of X-GPS Tracker App for iOS. New features added:
      • Added in-app instructions for adjusting settings on a smartphone or tablet for optimal performance of the X-GPS Tracker App. A field employee will find out directly in the mobile application how to use the X-GPS Tracker App to the fullest.
      • Implemented traffic jams display. A mobile employee will be able to choose which streets to go to avoid congestion.

New devices sopported

  • Cellocator Cello-CANiQ
  • CRX CRX3
  • Endigo Enterprises DG1
  • Lacak P3
  • MediaVerge Smart Watch
  • Protrack VT03D
  • Queclink GV300CAN
  • SkyPatrol SP4603
  • SkyPatrol SP5603
  • Suntech ST640LC
  • Teltonika TST100

Integration improvements

  • Calamp LMU2630 — the odometer data can now be retrieved from the user tag.
  • CelloTrack Nano — supported data reception from measuring multisensors via Bluetooth.
  • Concox JV 200, OB22 — updated the protocol, implemented ECO driving.
  • Concox X3 — supported Driver Identification.
  • Ruptela FM-Tco4 — added the ability to receive fuel level value in liters from CAN-bus data.
  • Howen Technologies Hero-ME31-08, Hero-ME32-04, Hero-ME41-04 — added the ability to receive fuel level value via RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces.
  • Vibrant Track IT-01 — supported remote output control.

A total of 1034 device models supported