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June 2020

Web Version

Updated user interface for the "Drivers" and "Staff" sections:

  • Starting now, a supervisor or a fleet owner will be able to pinpoint drivers' and employees' location on a mini-map, and make quick adjustments to the selected personal card. Since both sections now retain the same look and feel, it’ll be easier to find the needed information.
  • Moved the “Departments” tab to a separate section within the “Field service” application. Now the supervisor will be able to keep records on each department and view the key information in one place.

Mobile View

  • Updated the X-GPS Tracker app for Android. Added support for Yandex.Navigator and Waze. This way, field employees will get more options when navigating to a particular task or a place. It’s now possible to create the most optimal route taking into account traffic jams, parking lots, as well as find out about police posts and speedcams — right in the application.

Admin Panel

  • Updated tariff plan settings. The billing cycle type is now fixed and cannot be changed for already created tariffs.

Integration Improvements

  • Teltonika TMT250: added a new Social Distancing alert rule.
  • Teltonika GH5200: added a new Social Distancing alert rule.
  • Teltonika FM6300: integrated ADAS Mobileye support.
  • Concox AT4: improved conditions for creating single-point tracks.

New Devices Integrated

  • Suntech ST330
  • Intsercom AVL Control (retranslator)
  • Neomatica ADM333 & ADM333BLE
  • GalileoSky Base Block Iridium
  • ERM Advanced Telematics Starlink Family (StarLink AVL, StarLink Tracker, StarLink TrackerCAN)
  • MyRope M588Ti
  • Teltonika GH5200
  • Bitrek BI520L и BI530Rse

1106 devices supported.

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