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May 2020

Web Version

Added new recorded events to the “Advanced Driver Assistance systems (ADAS)” alert rule:

  • Pedestrians in the danger zone.
  • Pedestrian collision risk.
  • Traffic sign recognition.

This will help drivers to react in time and prevent the possible risk of an accident on the road.

Added the “Ignition-based consumption” option to the “Fuel volume” report. When this option is activated, the system calculates an average fuel consumption per hour (l/h) during the time when the ignition was turned on. As a result, in the report the equipment owner will find out how much fuel was consumed during actual operation of the equipment.

Mobile Applications

  • Added the Places section to the X-GPS Tracker mobile app. Starting now, a field employee will be able to view the list of objects for which he/she has been assigned. For example, this will allow sales representatives to see their customer data right on the smartphone or tablet.

Admin Panel

  • Included Speeda Mobile to the list of supported SMS gateways. Today Navixy supports 8 gateways, allowing the users to deliver SMS to any country in the world. Choose the most profitable service for the remote GPS tracker settings and send SMS notifications in your region.
  • Expanded the list mobile operators for which an APN is automatically set upon activation. This means the users don’t have to manually enter access point settings each and every time. This will reduce errors and reduce the number of calls to technical support.

Integration improvements

  • Omnicomm optim — updated protocol.
  • Cellocator CR300 — added aggressive driving control.
  • Queclink GV75 — supported hourly counting on the GPS tracker side.
  • Teltonika FM6320 — the first input can now be used to connect any discrete sensors, not just ignition.
  • Teltonika FM63XY, FMB6XY — added notification support for accident prevention (ADAS) generated by Mobileye equipment.
  • Tramigo T23 Track — updated protocol, supported notification of device battery disconnection.
  • Ulbotech T381 — expanded the list of accepted CAN parameters.

New devices integrated

  • Teltonika FM6300
  • MyRope M588Ti

1077 devices supported.

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